Thursday, 3 January 2008

The Big Bang (A Brief History Of Time Part 2)

By the time August hit my hunt for a new Dom was well under way, a couple interested me, but there was always something missing, Paul was certainly a distinct possibility and so was Chris.

Paul was passionate and an even bigger sado-masochist than me, but there such an intensity about it that the whole thing felt like it would burn out in the blink of an eye, and again there was that certain something missing.

A relationship with Paul would have been based on a co-dependency of supply and demand of our fetish needs only, that fed upon itself and didn't feel at all like I'd envisaged a long term relationship.

Chris was sweet, witty and a lot deeper than most people you speak to in the lifestyle, we met for coffee and conversation and we got along just fine, but the horror I felt when he advised me that he doesn't do long, deep passionate kisses, and even worse doesn't go down on women. How could this develop into the close and loving relationship I wanted? I just couldn't see it, so a good playmate to help me learn, but certainly not my One.

September and I attended my first fetish market and party in Bristol, this I've written about so you can read all about it anyway, but it was a real eye opener and I confess to feeling like a child in a toy shop wanting everything I could see. So still with Chris but most definitely still looking.

October 31st I had a message from Master commenting on my profile on

"Hi,Just a short, one line message to say:

Damn, those eyes are great! And if you were looking I would be sending a very different message."

And so the scene was set, who could resist a compliment like that?

Within days we arranged to meet for lunch and ended up spending almost all night together in a hotel room, the whole thing just felt totally right, like we'd found our other half.
Every chance we had we saw each other, spending every minute we could naked and often just holding each other and talking, the vanilla side of our budding relationship just as important as the M/s.

November and Master took me to my first fetish club, shame it was empty, only 6 people there including us and the staff, but then again it gave me a chance to look around and relax, I get very shy and nervous in a crowd, overwhelmed.

December and Christmas with Master, my special gift didn't arrive in time for the day, but it was delivered soon after and I'll post a photo of me wearing it soon.

The first Christmas in many years I can honestly say I felt a part of something

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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