Sunday, 2 December 2007

Glad Rags

Friday night I looked forward to a great deal, excited that I would not only be spending the whole night with Him, but he would also fasten around my neck a shiny and new leather collar. This is a temporary collar as He has decided to get me a stainless steel slave collar as the permanent one, He saw I loved the look of them, and thankfully so does He.
It's hard to explain how I felt the moment he fastened the buckle, a small pink tag declaring to the world at large I am now His property.
I felt incredibly excited and yet humble that He would honour me this way, we've known each other a month, such a short time I know and things have moved incredibly quickly, but so far it feels right.

Going out together on Friday was good fun, chatting up natasha a 6ft plus TV was highly amusing, she's a great sense of humour and even better legs. The fetish club was very quiet to say the least, but it was better in a way because it allowed me to relax and familiarise myself with my surroundings (I'm not too comfortable in a strange crowded venue).

We stood talking at the bar for a while, then took a seat, natasha following to watch what we did. Was I embarrassed or uncomfortable that she wanted to that? Hmmm not really, I knew He wouldn't expose too much of my body as he doesn't like to share what is His property, although later when he was encouraging me to show photos of my bruised and battered ass some might wonder.

As the club was so quiet we had the run of the place, 2 fully equipped play rooms and 3 bedrooms. Thankfully He chose to take me into the dungeon and cane me, I was owed a few strokes for small transgressions (well that's what happens when you give yourself to a sadistic Dom). I was sent to the bar to borrow a couple of toys, the masochist in me chose a long thick cane and a lovely leather flogger. I only remember the cane being used, He recognised I'd had enough as my bottom was still very bruised from Wednesday so it was back to join natasha. We spent the rest of the evening just talking to the people there and relaxing, a pleasant change to be in the company of like minded people I have to say.

Back home and to bed, both tired yet happy, and our first whole night together, being woken by Him was wonderful, to open my eyes and see Him beside me (ok so we were both bleary eyed from lack of sleep, but hey allow me a little artistic licence here please).
We made love (yes we do that too) and then cuddle and talked some more before deciding it was time to get up, it was at this time He asked me an important question, but as this blog is public (and his ex slave is reading this) now is not the time to publish this information and you'll have to wait.

The day passed by quickly, just doing stuff together, we're still learning about each other as you can imagine, and it's the little things that can take time but are just as important when building a relationship, particularly when it will be as intense as ours, there has to be give and take, but at the end of the day it's my bottom that will get punished if there's a dispute and I'm the one in the wrong.

Saturday evening we spent watching tv and doing things other couples do, just spending time, easy to forget you can't spend your whole life playing, reality checks will happen and when He is too tired to flog me we have to be able to hold a conversation or amuse ourselves in a non BDSM way. I've never doubted from the first conversation we had that would be a problem, we've so many interests in common.

As Friday had been such a late night we went to bed around midnight, both anxious to be naked and close to the other. So many subtle shifts in the dynamics of this relationship, one moment it's Master/slave the next we're both in a heap giggling over some silly thing, yet with barely a look or word he has me back in that space again, the one where all I want to do is please him.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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