Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A Fine Balance

I've so much going on in my head at the moment, so much to think about and so many changes to come.
I'm a strong person in many ways, but in others much less so and I think it's beginning to tell.
Perhaps it's just that my relationship with my Master has moved so quickly, been incredibly intense, not something I've experienced before. Well let's face it, I am very wary of commitment, always have been, but this time I didn't run away, I ran towards what was offered.

There's so much about us that works, some things that don't, but if we compromise maybe they will, honesty and openness is the way forward.
For me experience has proved that it's not the major things that will cause problems in a relationship, but the small niggly habits that will grate on the nerves and cause disharmony.

Now here's a thought for you, if involved in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship just how often is the slave allowed to point out to the Master that it really is much better to put the cap on the toothpaste, close the toilet lid etc etc.
Technically speaking a slave has no rights, Masters word is law and he is free to do as He chooses. Our relationships is not like that and will be a mix of Vanilla too, somewhere amidst all this we need to find a balance that works for us.
Master (I'm glad to say), sees me not only as his slave, but also as his partner, friend and lover, so the dynamics are a complex mix and definitely need fine tuning, it's going to take time I suspect.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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