Friday, 4 February 2011

Round And Round The Mulberry Tree- Part 3 Pure Decadence

At his instruction she slipped gratefully beneath the sumptuous feather and down filled quilt. Sensitised flesh pressed against the soft Egyptian cotton sheets. She pulled the quilt around her, revelling in its softness and warmth. The bed was high and wide. The mattress firm enough to provide support, yet soft enough to offer a luxurious level of comfort.

Nestling back against the pillow she felt almost as though cocooned. The bed a safe haven, somewhere for he and she to close out the world and revel in the joy they could create together.

Eyes closed she felt the mattress dip with his weight as he joined her under the quilt.

“Come here” the warm tenor of his voice instructed. His arms were open and welcoming as she moved into them. The soft hair covering his arms and chest brushed against her sensitive nipples as he caressed her body.
He pulled her tight against him, breathing in the scent of her hair, pressing his face into her neck, their legs entwined in an effort to be as physically close as possible. Two bodies, but one soul.

A long slow breath left her lips, brushed softly against hairs on his chest so they tickled her nose as they moved. She looked up, his hand cupped the back of her head and he bent to kiss her forehead then looked down into her eyes.

Such a sensual, intimate moment, she felt the pull of him, like the life giving gaze of the sun to a flower.

His hand pulled back and again slapped her cheek. “Keep looking at me” he instructed.

Fighting the urge to scrunch up her eyes and flinch in anticipation of what she now knew was coming she maintained her gaze. Once more his hand landed in a stinging blow to her left cheek then his mouth swooped to hers, tongue demanding access to hers in a kiss that left her in no doubt he was as aroused and passionate as she.

With both hands held on the pillow above her head his hand slipped between her thighs. His fingers brushed lightly against her labia, her soft belly, her inner thighs. She wanted to feel him touch her, yet knew he would take his own sweet time to do so. He intended seeing desperation in her eyes, have her begging for release, this could take some time.

Skilfully avoiding her swollen clit he slid 2 fingers inside her sopping wet pussy. The effort of keeping her legs open and not clamping them around his wrist to grind against him made her sweat. She was so aroused she bit her lip to prevent herself screaming for him to fuck her. To do so would almost certainly amuse him and encourage him to torment her further.

She was so wet her juices oozed from her pussy and trickled down between the cheeks of her arse. His fingers squelched noisily as they moved in and out of her. There was an increase in pressure as he added another finger, followed soon after by a fourth. Never had she been so full, taken so much and she was so relaxed she was sure he would be able to slip his whole hand in and fist her.

“Turn over, let me get at your back.” His voice softly commanded, dragging her mind back from the depths just enough to enable her to twist over onto her stomach.

His hand cupped the back of her neck pressing her gently down into the pillow. “Spread your legs,” he demanded. Eagerly she opened them wide to allow him the access he desired.

Once more his fingers plunged into her wetness, juices flowed freely from her pussy now threatening to soak the pristine white sheets. He slid his fingers out of her tight pussy, up between the cheeks of her bottom and lingered, stroking, teasing, he knew she anticipated his invasion of her anus, but it would be when he chose, not she.

Ensuring his well lubricated fingers did not hurt her, he slid gently inside with first one and then a second finger. She moaned with pleasure and lifted her hips to encourage his exploration.

In and out he thrust with two fingers of his right hand and the nails of his left raked her back. There was a pause as he scooped more of her juices and then pressure as he pushed not two, but three fingers into her anus. She grunted and raised her hips higher. She loved the fullness, how he stretched her.

All three fingers sank into her to the hilt. Arse high in the air and thrusting back hard against his hand she moaned and grunted with animalistic delight. God how she loved this feeling.

Fucking her hard he growled into her ear, “you dirty fucking bitch, you love this don’t you. You love having your arse fucked.”

He was right, she did.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing." DanesWood

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