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Round And Round The Mulberry Tree- Parts 1 & 2

Chapter One - And In The Beginning.

Her heart pounded as she got out of the car, picked her suitcase out of the boot and walked through the door of the inn. There he was, waiting by the bar, smiling and obviously pleased to see her.

She stopped in front of him placing the heavy suitcase by her feet and smiling shyly looked up at him, seeing the pleasure in his eyes as he looked at her.

It had been a long drive, over 4 hours of almost all motorway, and that on top of a long working day, yet it was worth it for this moment alone. He picked up the suitcase and gestured which direction she should go. She thought she’d be nervous, yet far from it, she was excited at what the night held for her.

The door clicked as it closed behind them, now they were truly alone, tonight there were no other guests staying at the inn, and the staff slept in a different part of the building. If she screamed no-one would hear her.

Putting a brave face on the situation she smiled and talked as she removed her boots and placed her bag and coat onto a chair. She felt his presence, yet he said little.

She turned to face him, he waited with open arms for her to step forward into his embrace, gladly she entered and felt his heavenly warmth, the scent of him wakened every sense as she laid her cheek on his chest. Now she was where she wanted, needed to be.

Her clothes were removed, her naked flesh pressed against the roughness of his jeans and sweater. The contrast of him fully clothed and her total exposure hi-lighted her position, her vulnerability.

He stroked her, kissed her gently on the top of her head, her forehead, cheeks and side of her mouth. Enough to reassure, to tempt, but far from enough to satisfy her needs. She wanted to taste him, have his tongue invade her mouth, for him to drink his fill of her. He chose to make her wait.

As she stood there eyes closed savouring his nearness he placed a finger under her chin, lifted her face to look at him. It felt as though he was checking for something, but obviously reassured he pulled a blindfold from his pocket and pulled it over her head.

Eyes covered she had to rely on her other senses. She couldn’t feel him, didn’t know if he stood in front or behind her, until his hands touched her and turned her around. He placed her hands onto the backrest of the padded chair she’d seen earlier in the room.

Now she was leaning forward enough to present her naked bottom to him, legs spread just enough to allow him total access should he wish it.

Fingertips trailed down her back, she trembled as he touched one of the most sensitive parts of her body, already her pussy was soaking wet, even without touching she could feel it.

Her body felt cold as he moved away, she listened intently hoping to work out what he intended to do next, but try as she may she could not.

A sense of panic coursed through her. What the hell was she doing here in a hotel with a man she’d met only once before? They’d spoken for many hours between that first meeting and now, but still, here she was totally alone with a man that in reality, she barely knew.

She could hear a zip, a rustle. What if he had a knife? There was rope in her case, he could strangle her, or he could tie her up and stab her.

What should she do? Remove the blindfold, risk his wrath and worse, his disappointment and be completely wrong?

But what if the fears were founded? Tomorrow staff would find her lifeless body when they came to clean the room.

Common sense kicked in, this man had no need to spend so many hours building a trust and rapport, just to kill her when she arrived.

The chair, her support and life raft, was removed.

Still a little jittery she stood, hands at her sides, now she could feel him in front of her, feel the warmth of his body almost brush against her.

Sudden harsh pain coursed through her nipple as hard fingers pinched and pulled it. Shock raced through her, it was so unexpected and instinct caused her to bring a hand up to protect her breast.

His voice sternly asked her why she’d moved her hand, instructed her to place it back at her side and not move it again. He stepped behind her and a hard slap on her rump warned her what lay in store if she disobeyed again.

Before her apology had faded a different sensation coursed through the abused nipple, pure reaction caused her hand to lift again………this time her hand hit his face.

The sensation she’d been unable to identify was his mouth gently teasing her hard nipple. Again he stepped behind her, explaining the error of her ways as his hand swept down in a second punishing slap on her rump. The flesh screamed, heat blazing where it stung, her disappointment at such a mistake brought tears to her eyes. If she failed so soon what hope for later when the play may be harder. Surely he would lose all interest in her then.

Chapter Two – Getting To Know You

His arms wrapped around her, held her body close to him, stroking her and soothing her back to calmness. He was in no rush, she realised this part of their time together was about getting to know each other in a physical way as well as mental.

Cat like she pressed against him, purring with pleasure at his touch. The jitters had passed, now she felt herself relaxing and opening up to him. His firm way of dealing with her non compliance had ironically served to reassure her he was worthy of her submission, and her trust.

He took hold of her hands and guided them back to the chair, placed her in the same accessible position as before. She sensed he stood close behind her, yet not touching, her body trembled in anticipation and desire.

His nails raked down her back, soft fingertips fluttered across the scorched skin, the contrast of sensations releasing her of all thought and desires, her mind totally taken up with the experience.

Purring, mewing, growling her response to his touch. An animalistic reaction to such simplistic stimulation, and yet he’d known in advance this was how to reduce her to a puddle, an ocean of need and desire, it’s depth to be explored and plundered.

Cool leather flicked across her skin. The soft thongs brushed lightly across back, shoulders, rump and thighs. The cool breeze made the tiny hairs on her body stand on end. The flogger used in a sensual way wakens the skin, kick starts the nerve endings to pleasure and pain sensations. The nails and fingertips on her back had already begun this process, the flogger enhanced it.

Breathing heavily she bowed her head, enjoying the increase in sensation, anticipation of the night ahead, juices now flowed freely from her pussy and down her thighs.

There was a loud thud as he whacked the bed with the flogger, a rush of air as it whisked past her body. She knew had it connected the intensity would have made her yelp in pain.

She sucked in air and relaxed as all went quiet behind her, the flogger had been placed to one side.

A rush of whistling air above her head, the flogger replaced with the single tail whip. The tip kissed her skin, the tiny sting it left in its wake sending waves of pleasure rippling out across her back.

Flick, flick, flick, over and over, each kiss in a different place, slowly building in intensity, making her want more, switching off totally from the outside world, she was absorbed only in the moment and the kiss of the whip.

Finally the swishing ceased, the smooth leather snake was laid down her spine it held her in place more surely than any number of restraints. Again he stood close behind her, fingertips stroked her body, his mouth pressed against the red raised welts on her body, a kiss of his lips for every kiss of the whip.

She was lost, whimpering, quivering, all rational thought gone. She heard him murmuring, but couldn’t make out the words, only sense that he was thrilled with her responses.

He removed the blindfold and held her tight in his arms, kissed her face softly, then stood back to look at her. She held his gaze not wanting to miss any hint or signal he may give her.


Shock, horror as realisation of what just happened came to her. He’d slapped her across the face. Not hard enough to bruise, enough to sting, to shock.

He looked intently into her eyes, reading her reaction before he stepped forward and held her face in his hands, kissed her softly.


Again he slapped her face, harder this time, and despite the intellectual part of her brain screaming that this was not how it should be, the primeval part of her took hold and she sank deep into a submissive headspace.

This time he took her gently in his arms, kissing her, holding her tight. Now he knew her submission to him to be complete and he revelled in her gift.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."DanesWood

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