Sunday, 7 September 2008

Mud Glorious Mud

Ah last night I had an amazing time at a fetish club, a private party hosted by a rubber Domme, everyone chosen and invited by her.

I went with the intention of just watching and hopefully learning, didn't really think I'd do more than that. sammie was very shy as expected, but was paying attention to what was going on around her, especially the vacuum bed.
Poor pet desperately wanted to try it but was too shy with all those strangers around, but thanks to the lovely Evi we may well get to try it out in private soon.

For once I was brave enough to introduce myself around, admire a few rubber suits and even have a feel of a few bottoms, how delightful to spank and caress a rubber encased backside.
It's amazing how different I am in Domme mode in that respect, I felt confident, in touch with myself and everyone around me.
The submissive side is so shy, unsure and would have been completely overwhelmed in such surroundings, even a vanilla party would have been tough.
My two sides meet, but they never overlap, you have to know me really well to understand how that can be.

One guy all clad in rubber was put into a hood and straitjacket and hoisted upside down to hang from the ceiling.
I can't explain why but I had to touch him, and once I did a wave of sensations flowed through me. The feel of the rubber, his body inside it, weird as this sounds even to me I felt a connection, as though my energy flowed into him and back out into my fingertips, it was almost electric.
Every time I turned around the guy was restrained and at my mercy, I was so sure he had to be there with someone, yet nobody came to claim him, I couldn't believe it.

In the back room he was stood, eyes closed manacled to the wall, lost in his own little world, no idea what thoughts were going on in his head, but I was determined to be a part of it.
He knew it was me, I could tell by the expression on his face, it was a long time before he opened his eyes and looked into mine. There was something I couldn't quite read there, but I was sure he was loving every second, even the whispered suggestions of what I could do to him.

There's a place in the mind of every submissive, it's my goal as Domme to find it, put the sub there and explore it with them. If last night is anything to go by this man is so susceptible to the way I play we could share something very special, I do hope so.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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