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Rubber By Moonlight- Outdoor Play

And following on from White Noise and Rubber

Posted by DanesWood on Sun 12 Apr 09, 8:08 PM.

A friend wanted us to recreate the White Noise And Rubber experience for him as reading my blog excited him. Of course we agreed.

Date and time agreed Dawn arrived with a very large holdall packed with goodies, dressed in PVC shirt and trousers, heels and fleecy jacket over the top. It was a thin disguise really, as anyone seeing the shoes would know this is a kinky person.

I'd never met Dawn before, so wanted to make sure he felt comfortable with me, I already knew he trusted Sophia as they'd played a little before, but nothing like this. We sat and chatted, waiting for it to go dark. I knew he was excited, so we kept the conversation pretty general whilst looking outside and checking for the stars to come out.

At 9.30 it was time, so I sent Dawn upstairs to get ready. Our kitchen table had already been laid out with everything else we'd need; the only ingredient left was a rubber clad slave.

He came down the stairs dressed in rubber catsuit and platform boots. I handed him the typed instructions we'd printed out earlier in preparation and I stood supervising, crop in hand, as he fastened leather ankle cuffs around his legs, padlocking each one into place, then knelt waiting, head bowed.

Our plan was to take Dawn already hooded, in rubber and chains, out to the car and drive to our destination. Dawn would have no idea where he was being taken, and of course there was a distinct possibility he'd be seen sitting there on the back seat.

Sophia slipped the inflatable rubber hood over Dawn's head, slipped the tube into his mouth and zipped it up. Next came the Fetters leather fist mitts, again each one padlocked into place. Sophia slipped heavy chain through the D rings on the mitts, around Dawn's waist and clipped the extra to the rear of the collar ready to fix to the ankle cuffs once we arrived.

We stood the rubber encased slave Dawn against the kitchen door and took photos. We'd already agreed to provide a memento of this adventure, a record of the night's events so Dawn could see what we'd done to him. No matter how much you talk about acting out a fantasy, the reality may be so intense that it becomes a blur, a mishmash of sensation and emotion. I wanted Dawn to see the reality and compare it to his version from inside the hood, see how they differed.

Quickly hustled across the pavement and onto the back seat of my car, Sophia secured Dawn's seatbelt and jumped into the front seat next to me. We live on the edge of a large town, so a few streets to drive and people around before we reached the more rural areas. We laughed as I stopped at a red light, we were right beside a pub and a man stood smoking outside, literally 2 feet away from the car. He saw what we had on the back seat and was laughing too. Did he really know it was a rubber clad slave, or did he think it was a mannequin or some kind?

At last the lights changed to green and I continued up the hill, a mile or less and we were past the streetlights and houses were fewer. Green fields and stone walls on either side as we climbed gradually higher, descending briefly to drive through a couple of villages before climbing again.

Every twist and turn of the road, every mile, disorientated and confused the rubber slave. The concept of distance and time blurred until he had no idea how far we'd travelled, or in which direction.

To add to this state of confusion Sophia and I kept up a running dialogue, explaining what we could do if we chose. That even though the place we'd chosen is relatively remote there's a good chance people would be around. That the rubber slave would be left tied, blinded and vulnerable for others to play with if they wished.

As I turned the car onto the steep, narrow track for the last few hundred yards to our chosen play area I announced to Dawn that as I own a 4x4 I could if I chose, drive across country to somewhere extremely remote….and leave him there.

Down the tree and wall lined track to the gateway I'd tied SophiaBoytoy to in our last outdoor adventure, the rubber slave behind us sucking in harsh breaths as his excitement and anticipation built to a crescendo… find a small blue hatchback car parked there already! A young couple parked up for a bit of canoodling, damn that changed things. The girls head popped up from her boyfriends lap as my headlights lit up the inside of their car…..nothing for it other than to turn around and try the alternative spot we'd discussed earlier.

Turned around and drove back up the hill, turned right and headed up to the boat club area…to find that a washout too. It was after 10pm and the place was still lit up and several cars parked up. No chance of us playing here either.

A brief discussion with Sophia and we decided to go back to our original plan and hope the other car would leave.

I turned back down the side track and parked half way down with my lights on full. It took only a few seconds for the courting couple to decide they were not going to get the privacy they required and drive past us. Perhaps I was a little unfair to use such tactics, but our need was greater.

I pulled quickly into the gateway and we climbed out of the car, Sophia helped the rubber slave from the back seat and clipped the chain lead onto the collar. She led him over to the gate, the noise from the sluice below deafeningly loud in the cool night air.

Trying to be discreet while taking photos of our activity was a little difficult as the flash seemed incredibly bright; perhaps just my imagination because there seemed to be so many people in the area. I worried it would attract attention too quickly and spoil our moonlight walk, but I also wanted a record of the event, something I'd failed to do on our last adventure. I calculated it was worth the risk. The slave was ordered to stand still, Sophia inflated the rubber hood, it would have been difficult for him to speak before, now it would be impossible. The long length of rope was tied to the gate, the other end already fixed to a trigger clip was fastened to the D ring on the back of the collar. While Sophia was busy I stroked the slave through the rubber. His cock was hard, I tapped it none too gently with the flat of my hand a few times causing the slave to flinch.

Sophia gave the slave his final instructions….to walk straight ahead until he came to a wall, then turn left and walk up the hill. Sophia also warned him if he got any mud onto his boots through walking on the grass, he would be punished. But what he was not told is that to get to the wall he had to walk over around 6 feet of grass.

I drove away leaving the slave thinking he would be alone the whole time, he didn't know Sophia was staying. He didn't know there was rope fixed to his collar and the gate either, but he soon would.

100 yards up the hill I pulled into the side and turned off the engine. The original plan was for me to wait near the car, but that meant I'd be missing out on a lot of the fun, so I grabbed my camera and crop and walked back down the track.

It took longer than I expected to find them, but I soon found out why. The slave had walked from the gate to the track, then because he was disorientated, had turned right instead of left and continued further down the hill….towards the river and a locked gate to private property. Time for Sophia to retrieve our rubber toy.

After spinning him around a couple of times Sophia pointed the slave back in the right direction. I took a couple of photos of him walking away into the moonlight, still no clue where he was headed, but we knew it was the right direction.

Eventually the rubber slave found the wall, paused for a few seconds and worked out which way he should be going. Using his foot to feel the edge he continued to hobble up the track, the slave's breathing rasping through the rubber tube in his mouth, a faint jingling from the chains attached to his body.

Once again Sophia tied the rope to a post, the slave not realising he was tethered until he could walk no further, then he stood still awaiting release. Of course Sophia spun him around again before setting him back on his path, a little something purely for our amusement.

Wandering from side to side, the rubber, chained slave made his way slowly up the hill, Sophia and I whispering and giggling behind him, the heels on Sophia's boots clip clopping on the tarmac. The noise echoed around, bounced off the stone wall into the silence around us. We didn't know until later, but the sound was far louder to the slave and disorientated him even more as Sophia kept walking all around him, making him think he was the one changing direction and going the wrong way. About half way back I saw a Land Rover drive across the end of our track and up the access road towards the entrance. As it had come from the Boat Club end I suspected it might be the Wardens on patrol, especially as when they passed above us they shone a huge searchlight in our direction.

A small moment of panic, then realisation they had to drive to the main road before they could turn the vehicle around and come back. This should give us a couple of minutes at least. Another car drove past in the same direction, this would also delay them coming back, as the road is too narrow for vehicles to pass.

Sophia and I agreed to get the slave back to the car sharpish, but without removing the hood or chains, no need to spoil our fun and games completely. It wasn't that we were doing anything illegal, lewd or sexual, but we were technically somewhere we shouldn't be and neither of us fancied explaining exactly what we'd been doing to a frowning and bewildered Warden.

Just feet from the car I saw the Land Rover come back down the road, it drove straight past the end of the track and I breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short lived as all they'd done is turn around and were now heading back towards us.

The headlights turned down our track and the noisy diesel engine cruised towards us………….and straight past. Sophia and I burst into a fit of giggles and scuttled our toy the last couple of feet to the side of the car. I walked swiftly to the driver's door and climbed into my seat to start the engine. Our rubber toy would be cold when this adventure was over; I wanted to get the inside of the car warm as quickly as possible.

As Sophia began taking the chains and fist mitts off the Land Rover came back up the hill behind us, paused just slightly in front and the guy in the passenger seat turned this huge search light on and spun it around so it shone directly onto the car.

Dawn stood beside the car to attention, still unable to see what was going on. Sophia as always full of mischief points to our rubber toy caught in the glare of the search light. I'm sat behind the steering wheel helpless with laughter as I heard the guy say loudly to the driver, “I don't believe it!” before they pulled away.

I couldn't decide if they just didn't want to deal with the situation or if they were not anyone official and had just been cruising around looking for people to spy on. Either way it was time to go before anyone else arrived. Sophia removed the hood and the newly released rubber slave climbed gratefully if somewhat bemusedly, into the back seat.

Sophia joined me in the front and off we went, all high on our adventure and laughing at the surprise of those who caught us. Not quite how I'd have chosen, yet it did add a little something……especially as I've since discovered it was the local farmer. Should give him something to talk about at the breakfast table and probably earn him a few pints to recount the tale too.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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