Thursday, 30 June 2011

Return To The Scene Of The Crime

The next installment in my old blogs.
Posted by DanesWood on Thu 19 Mar 09, 7:05 PM.

In my last blog I described how I tied my rubber toy to a tree and left him, today we returned to the scene of the crime in broad daylight.

Amazing how different a place looks when the sun is shining, the water rushing through the overflow of the reservoir and down into the river was now rather musical, not the deafening white noise of Monday night.

We pulled into the full car parked and ate our picnic lunch of tuna sandwiches and soup. While we munched we talked about the scenery around us, our evening at the Oldham munch the night before and life in general.

On Monday it had been so different, just the one car had caused us to change our plans, but as it turns out, for the better. I'd not been able to see then how beautiful the valley around was, the little houses nestled in the side of the hill, nor the rather large house practically opposite the place I'd parked to wait while my slave was tied to the tree. I wonder if they'd suspected what we were doing, or more likely assumed we were just another courting couple looking for a quiet area to park up. Possibly they'd not even heard or seen anything and remained oblivious to the kinky play happening outside.

We locked the car and strolled arm in arm up the steps to the top of the dam wall and walked along in the sunshine. Mark is a scuba diver and explained to me that because of peat the water is too dark to make diving safe, or worthwhile.

I looked over at the inky blue water lapping with an almost oil like quality against the wall. It looked very very deep, and cold, a stark contrast to the vividly green grass behind us.

Far below we just see the clump of trees I'd utilised for our scene. I pointed out to my boy which one he'd been tied to and laughed remembering him looking like a prisoner of Red Indians tied to a pole.

I wanted a photo as a momento, and so did he, I took one from the dam, he took 2 as I drove us slowly out onto the main road after our walk.

It was a night neither of us will forget, and it's whetted our appetite for more outdoor fun. There are two scenes in mind, one will be carried out soon, the other needs careful planning and the help of some friends.

We both got a huge buzz from our adventure, I'll have to get my thinking cap on for what comes after the two we've already discussed.

Oh and don't rubbber jeans and jumper look lovely and shiny in the sunshine? Not sure what the ice cream man made of us when we bought our 99's from him, I had a good giggle walking back to the car. There was I in casual attire (skirt and t-shirt), my boy in black rubber jeans, blue rubber jumper and black rubber jacket over it all with a black rubber catsuit under it all. Just an every day couple out for a stroll lmao.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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