Tuesday, 7 June 2011

An Act Of True Submission

Once more I'm sharing a post from my blog documenting our time together.
Too often it seems to me that the only play between Dominant and submissive is about what pleases the sub. I don't see how that is submitting.
For me it has to be what the Dominant wants, when they want it, that may not always be when the submissive is ready for it.
Posted by DanesWood on Tue 16 Dec 08, 2:39 PM.

Like anyone my boy loves to play, to be tied down and flogged, cropped, paddled, whatever I choose to do to him. Last night was no exception, and like a puppy knowing he's off for a walk my boy rushed upstairs and threw himself face down on the bed waiting to be tied out.

As part of the play he craves marks, bruises are both a badge of honour and almost a kind of reward for just about any submissive I've ever spoken to, for my boy however within a couple of hours there's rarely even a hint of redness never mind any sign of a bruise.

I'm sure there are many who will say I'm obviously not doing it hard enough. For those who have not met me I can assure you I'm no limp wristed weakling and if my hand or paddle strikes you then it will sting. The problem (if you consider it such), is that my boy doesn't bruise easily, and he heals really quickly, so is always disappointed, but he still hopes.

Once tied spreadeagled, face down on the bed he smiled and made small sounds of pleasure, totally relaxed and waiting for me to begin.

I took up my crop and ran it gently across his bottom, a few taps and harder whacks to start things off, my boy squirming and moaning, wanting more. I put down the crop and picked up a long suede flogger using it across the length of his body, legs and bottom to warm him up.

This is a sensuous flogger, there's no sting to it, and even at it's hardest is like a really good massage, but it's an excellent toy to sensitise the skin before moving on to harder play.

20 minutes or so of the suede flogger and I reached for the leather stingy flogger too and with one in each hand brought them down in turn across his bottom, which by now was turning a wonderful shade of red.

The combination of textures gives some wonderful sensations, the sting of leather, the stroke of suede, it confuses the mind and blurs pain and pleasure even more.

I know my boy well now and can read his reactions to know how close to his limit I've taken him, his breathing and movements told me that he was a hairs breadth away from it, so I stopped and whispering to him what I intended next (I've got laryngitis so no voice lol, not very Dommely), I put away the floggers and walked to the wardrobe and took out a small green case.

It's taken me some time to get over my fear of the violet wand but my boy taught me well and I feel very comfortable using it now, for him it was worth conquering my fear because I know how much he enjoys it.

I pushed the long metal rod into the end of the wand, the long wavy fronds of the metallic flogger like attachment glinting in the low light. My boy was still smiling and despite his bottom being so sensitive that even my fingers lightly brushing across the skin made him squirm he waited eagerly for me to switch on the violet wand.

With the press of the button the buzzing noise began and as I waved the wand around small sparks shot across the metal fronds. I checked it was on the lowest level and touched the end briefly on his back and began to stroke it down the length of his body from shoulder to ankle in swift strokes.

Through several turns of the dial my boy writed and strained against the ropes tying him to the bed, I love how the wand sparkles and flares, the crackling noises as it touched the skin and he managed several minutes on level 15 (maximum), before I called a halt, untied him and lay on the bed to stroke and cuddle him.

He dressed in pink satin pyjamas and pink fluffy dressing gown and we went downstairs for supper, there was of course the obligatory inspection of his bottom for marks and oh how his bottom lip pouted when he felt some welts from the buffalo hide paddle I'd used on him briefly, priceless. He says he doesn't do welts, I informed him he does now.

Watching him sit gingerly onto a wooden kitchen chair made me smile, his skin was red and very sensitive, but no bruising and even the welts just very superficial and I knew they'd fade within hours, but I knew he'd remember the sensation he felt as he sat on that chair a little longer.

Just as he was taking a bite of cheese smothered cracker I told him when we got back upstairs I'd be using the pinwheel on his bottom, there was a horrified expression on his face and he told me he wasn't in the head space any more and couldn't take it, I told him even so, it would happen.

He didn't drag his feet, but I knew he was dreading what was to come. How cruel of me to take him to the edge the way I had then allow him to come out of the sub zone only to inform him he what was expected, and he didn't want it.

Pulling back the duvet he slid onto the bed and grabbed his teddy bear for comfort, I knew he hoped I was teasing or changed my mind, but not a chance, if I say it will happen then it does.

I instructed him to lay on his stomach and I pulled down his pyjama bottoms then rolled the sharp points of the pinwheel across his hot sore skin. There were yelps of pain and he squirmed trying desperately to direct the wheel towards the areas of skin it hurt least, he failed miserably.

The look in his eyes as I put down the pinwheel and put my arms around him, his eyes were huge and full of an emotion I couldn't put a name to, and for once he was silent.

My hand stroked his cheek and I looked him straight in the eyes and told him.....now that was an act of submission.

It's easy to submit to something we enjoy, that we want, to submit when it's the last thing you can imagine being able to endure that is when the true act is demonstrated, it need not be a huge thing, just as this wasn't, yet it was a massive lesson for my boy and one I know he won't ever forget.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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