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White Noise And Rubber

This is the original weblog I posted about an outdoor play session with Mark/Sophia. It's the interim period before Sophia was around full time.
The original fantasy Mark had was to be tied to a tree with a length of rope and left to stumble blindly around. Because the grass was so wet and the only suitable tree had a very sharp branch on it I adapted :-)
In January 2010 this appeared in an edition of Marquis International fetish magazine.
Posted by DanesWood on Tue 17 Mar 09, 1:57 PM.

A nice relaxing evening in front of the tv was looming, yet both of us felt the need for a little more, something to make the pulse race and our souls fly.

Slave slipped into his rubber catsuit, thick rubber gloves and socks, was instructed to gather some bondage equipment and inflatable rubber hood, then we climbed into the car and set off.

It took only 15 minutes or so to be out beyond the city and villages into the countryside, climbing higher and higher as we went. Now the roads were dark, tree lined, and just the occasional car passing us. We didn't think it would be too difficult to find a suitable place for our adventure.

We turned off the road and went down a winding narrow track to a car park at the bottom; it was pitch black and seemed perfect for what I had in mind. Bother! There was a car there, nobody in it, but even so it meant we couldn't play there. We'd have to look elsewhere.

Back up the narrow winding track to the road, turn left and drive slowly the few hundred yards to our second choice. Again there were cars parked up, couples inside them, their activities a little tamer than what we were planning, so again we left the parking area and took a narrow unmarked track down the side of the reservoir.

Half way down the track there was a board nailed to a tree advising the road was closed ahead, and led to a private area belonging to a company. I continued regardless, hoping that it would've put others off, and thus leave us undisturbed.

I reversed the 4 wheel drive into a gateway and opened my drivers door, the sound of the waterfall was music to my ears, a natural form of white noise.

Slave climbed out of his seat and opened the rear passenger door of the car, took out the rucksack and put on the leather ankle restraints, then handed me the leather fist mitts that would prevent him from even wriggling his fingers. The first was slipped on and buckled into place followed quickly by the second, it was a clear chilly night in early spring, and we knew he was going to get cold but I wanted to keep that to a minimum. Rubber offers no protection, if anything it exacerbates the cold making the wearer effectively naked.

Standing on tip toe I slipped the rubber hood over slaves head and wriggled the breathing tube into his mouth, then pulled the sides together at the back and slid the zip slowly down. I smoothed the rubber over his face and ran my nails gently over it, a murmur of pleasure from slave made me smile, how he was loving this.

A leather collar around his neck and buckled at the rear and slave was almost ready. I inserted the pipe from the pump onto the valve in the hood and pumped it until the rubber was nicely springy on the outside, pressing tightly around the face and head of slave on the inside. Now he couldn't speak and hearing my instructions would mean slave had to concentrate to block out the noise from the waterfall to focus on my voice, muffled by the hood.

I slipped heavy chain through the rings on collar, ankles and wrists, clipping them together so slaves arms were behind his back and shackled with a short length of chain that ran between the ankles and back up to the chain at the wrists. Hobbled in this way slave could now only take very small steps and considering we'd be walking over rough ground, they'd have to be careful ones too, made even more difficult for slave as he wore knee length boots with 3 inch heels.

A length of rope around his neck that I used as a leash, I took out my car keys that have a very small but powerful light on the keyring. With the car door closed it was extremely dark, the only sound the rushing of the water a few yards away, a perfect setting.

I spotted a tree that looked perfect, but the ground leading to it was a quagmire, so changed direction and led slave to a tree on a slight incline where the ground was a little firmer. The only problem was the trees around it were much closer than my original choice and there were a few sharp broken branches illuminated by my torch. I couldn't tether him loosely to a tree and let him wander around with a few feet of loose rope, slave might injure himself or tear the rubber.

Another change of plan, I decided to tie slave tightly to the tree, his back pressed against the hard bark covering the trunk, the rope wound round and round, like you'd see in films of the Wild West, when Indians tied their prisoners to poles stuck into the ground.

I checked the rope, satisfied myself that slave couldn't escape, at least not easily, then stood in front of him, running my nails over his nipples and face through the rubber, teasing him gently, reminded him softly that anyone could find him there, abandoned and helpless, a rubber toy to be used.

Needing to know how excited slave was I felt his crotch, slaves cock was hard, his body jerked as I touched him through the rubber and my Imp decided to add an extra element to slaves predicament.

I smiled in the darkness with a mixture of sadism and mischief, unzipped slaves catsuit and pulled his cock out into the cool night air. As I stroked the hard, silky flesh I reminded slave how vulnerable he would be without me there. That anyone who came would be able to see slave, use him as they pleased, just a rubber toy.

I knew that because of the cold, slaves' cock would shrink and be hidden from casual view by the rubber codpiece of the catsuit, but would his scrambled brain realise that? With the rushing sound of the waterfall, the darkness and cold, slaves mind would soon start to play tricks on him.

A few short steps back to the car for me was easy, aided by my small light, I climbed in and started the engine.

Driving up the hill to the place I had spotted on the way down took only seconds, I pulled over as far as I could just in case, by some remote possibility, someone decided to drive down the track, without lights on the car might not be visible in time for someone to stop.

The time on the clock showed 9.58pm, 15 minutes should be plenty of time for slave to be disorientated and confused. In summer it would be less of an issue, I'd perhaps even leave the car parked and walk down to retrieve my property, but I knew how quickly the cold would affect slaves body and I didn't want him to suffer from hypothermia.

I sent text messages to a couple of friends, sharing with them what I'd done, one thought it fabulous, the other couldn't believe I'd been so cruel, but how can it be cruel to give someone you love an experience that has been fantasy for years?

15 minutes passed swiftly, I started the car and rolled it backwards down the hill. I wanted as little noise as possible, in the hope that slave wouldn't be aware I'd returned until I touched him. The waterfall working in my favour by masking the sound the engine made ticking over, enough to operate the lights, power steering and brakes; I didn't need to put it into gear.

I left the car door open; once slave was released I wanted him inside the car quickly, it was important to get him out of the cold.

Slave jumped when I placed my hands on his chest, the soft ground meant he'd not heard me walk towards him. I ran my fingernails over his nipples, groped his crotch and then felt around for the loose end of rope. I could tell slave had been testing his bonds as the ropes had slipped much lower, but as planned he'd been unable to escape.

The rope restraint released, I stood in front of slave and instructed him to follow me. Small steps, a little to the left, turn half right, a small slope downwards, 2 more steps and you're on concrete. Shuffle across the hard ground, 2 steps left, turn half right then 2 steps forward, the sound of my voice led slave back to the car.

Quickly I undid the buckles on the ankle restraints, collar and fist mitts; as I pulled the chain back through the rings slave unzipped the hood and pulled it off, his whole body shaking with cold. Slave slipped onto the leather seat of the car and as I started the engine told me his head was mashed.

The combination of heated seat and warm air blowing out from the vents began to do their work, and as I drove back up the track slave asked me how long I'd left him alone for, as it had felt like hours.

“15 minutes, that's all” I replied.

Slave couldn't believe it, the time had spun out, everything became a haze to his senses, the white noise created by the waterfall, the bondage and rubber had all contributed to his wonderful experience.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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Not surprising this was published. What an amazing account of how even cruelty can be the most tender loving's all about connecting and understanding what each other needs.