Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Due South - The Swan

Chapter One - The Arrival

After the wonderful time they’d had together at The Mulberry she was incredibly excited as she parked her car outside The Swan and picked up her case from the boot. She crossed the road dragging the small pilots case behind her on its wheels, headed for the door and pushed it open.

She walked into the hotel; he followed her through the door. What perfect timing to arrive together.

After signing the register they were shown to their room on the first floor. This was a small boutique hotel with just 11 very pretty rooms in a rural part of the south.

A large bed took up most of the room. Crisp white, Egyptian cotton sheets made a stark contrast to the light brown carpet and walls.

She barely paid attention to the hotelier explaining where everything was, about restaurant service times and arrangements for breakfast. The bed loomed large.

It felt like an age before the hotelier left them alone, yet in reality it could only have been 2 or 3 minutes.

As the door closed he walked over to the large window that overlooked the road through the centre of the village and closed the blind. Now she truly felt they’d left the real world behind and they’d entered a cocoon containing just the 2 of them.

“Please may I go to the loo? I need to pee.”

Automatically she’d already begun walking towards the bathroom when his curt “No” stayed her footsteps. “You can wait until I say you can go.”

He sat in the large armchair beside the desk and gestured for her to sit on the floor beside him.

Sinking down onto the thick carpet she rested her head on his thigh and sighed happily, this was where she belonged, at his feet.

His hand stroked her hair as she sat there, eyes closed. All the stresses and strains of the last few weeks had taken their toll, she needed this desperately.

A swift stinging slap across her cheek with his left hand shocked her totally. Tears burst from her eyes as though from the wall of a breached dam and great heaving sobs rocked her body.

She held onto his thigh as though her very life depended on it, as all the emotions she’d kept locked away these last few weeks were released. The recent expected death of an uncle. The sudden and very shocking death of a dear friend. All kept very tightly under control, until now, and his gift of release for her.

His fingers stroked and massaged her neck and shoulders, his touch reassuring her he was there, giving her the time she needed to vent. He waited patiently, his calm soothing voice washed over her, although she couldn’t take in the words.

Eventually the sobbing eased and she looked up at him with tear filled eyes. He lowered his head and kissed her gently on the forehead, the tip of her button nose and lastly her mouth.

Just like when you’re a child and your mother kisses better a bruise or a scratch, his kiss helped ease the pain she felt inside.

She adored this man. He cared for her, nurtured her, took time to learn about and understand her. She knew she wasn’t the easiest of people to get to know, but he constantly reassured her she was worth the effort, and as long as he felt that, she was happy.

“Now you can pee.” He rose to his feet and offered her his hand. Awkwardly she stood and took his hand, then realisation hit; he was taking her into the bathroom. This meant 1 of 2 things. Either he intended to watch her pee as she sat on the toilet, knowing full well how uncomfortable it made her, or he was going to have her stand in the bath so he could watch at close quarters.

She’d known as soon as she mentioned it a few weeks before, it was a barrier he fully intended to remove. Until fairly recently she’d not even been able to pee if she knew someone outside the door could hear, never mind pee in the physical presence of someone.

He laughed at the horrified look on her face as he walked her into the bathroom and instructed her to climb naked into the bath and face him.

His fingers slipped between her pussy lips and began teasing her clit. She was soaking wet, well deserving of the slut he often affectionately called her.

“Now pee. You’re not leaving till you do.”

She stood there, embarrassed, no mortified, at what was required of her. She really didn’t think she could do this. She’d told him she’d deny him nothing, but she worried her body would let her down, and thus let him down.

Slowly, rhythmically, he massaged her clit, fingered her pussy, all the while looking into her eyes, telling her how much he wanted her to pee for him.

She concentrated, looked into his eyes, willed her body to relax and let go, to do this for him. The minutes ticked by, her body refused to obey.

Just as frustration threatened to overwhelm her, the unthinkable happened. A small trickle of pee crept out and began to run over his fingers and drip into the bath.

Grabbing her by the back of her head he pulled her mouth to his and kissed her passionately, murmuring words of encouragement every time his lips lifted from hers.

The trickle of pee turned into a full blown stream and she emptied her bladder over his hand as he rubbed her clit and told her how proud he was she’d overcome this barrier for him.

He turned on the shower, rinsed her off, bent her over and directed the spray of water into her anus and pussy. She wriggled around to make the most of the sensations of warm water gushing against her sensitive flesh.

“God I’m such a slut for this. I love the shower spray.”

He laughed and turned the water off, handed her a warm towel from the rail and stood back to watch her dry off.

Clean and dry she followed him into the bedroom and waited for instruction.

Chapter Two – Down Down

He took the leather blindfold from the small bag of toys she’d brought along and slipped it over head as she stood there.

“Does this work? Or can you see?” He fiddled with the blindfold, making sure it covered her eyes as much as possible. She’d closed her eyes anyway, and to aid the effect of the blindfold for him, she would keep them closed.

“Lay down on the bed.”
Sitting on the edge of the high divan, she swung her legs up and lay down. Her head sunk into the luxurious pillow and her body was nicely supported by the wonderfully sprung mattress. They’d not pulled the duvet back, so she lay there on top of the feather and down filled quilt too.

There was a moment of panic that she may stain it with her juices, but that was gone the instant she felt the pinch of a clamp on her sensitive right nipple. A ragged indrawn breath at the tightness of it, then the pain settled and other sensations took over.

His fingers invaded her pussy, exploring her, revelling in her obvious arousal. There was never any need to ask if she enjoyed what they did, her pussy betrayed her every time.

He stood beside the bed, right hand teasing her clit, left hand easing fingers inside her. Incredibly relaxed, her pussy allowed one and then two fingers inside her. He gently explored inside her, taking his time to ensure she was totally at ease before he added a third finger.

Slowly in and out with his fingers, her soft flesh stretched to accommodate the extra finger. In the blackness behind her eyelids and blindfold, her mind was a whirl of sensation.

He was everywhere, in her mind, enveloping her, inside her. There was no hiding from him, he was there even in the deepest parts of her, but then again, she never wanted to. It was at times such as this she felt like nothing more than an extension of him, of his desire and will.

The fourth finger slipped in shocking her from her reverie. Although she was beyond soaking wet, her tight pussy was struggling to relax and accept. This was enduring, not pleasure.

Immediately he saw the change in her, gradually withdrew his hand and stopped rubbing her clit.

Her pussy lips were swollen, engorged with her arousal. Her breathing was ragged as she gasped for air.

Fire shot through her nipple as he removed the clamp, his lips wrapped around the tortured nub to kiss away the pain for her. The combination of pain and pleasure sent yet more urgent signals directly to her pussy and another large ooze of juices trickled down beneath her,

The dimmed light of the room was still startlingly bright to her eyes as the blindfold was removed. He stood beside the bed smiling down at her before bending to kiss her on the mouth.

He held her to him tightly as she calmed, expressing his pride and pleasure in her because she’d opened to him and accepted his four fingers. Eventually she knew he planned to fist her, this was another step on the way. His patience in building trust was paying off, no one else had ever achieved so much.

Chapter Three – Take Me, I’m Yours

“Kneel on the end of the bed.” Happily she complied, positioning herself to give him complete access to her ass and pussy.

Naked he stood behind her, he rubbed the shaft of his long, thick cock along her soaking pussy. Thoroughly lubricated in her juices he pressed the head of his cock to her anus and eased himself inside. In one smooth movement he was deep inside her ass.

He pounded her relentlessly, she growled animalistically. The greater her arousal, the harder he thrust himself, the deeper he sank.

She heard his voice, but the words passed her by, she was deep now into the place he took her. Needing to communicate her feelings she turned her head and begged him to take what was his. And take he did.

Several extra hard, fast thrusts signalled his orgasm, his cum spurted into her ass. He pulled his cock out and she smiled to herself, happy that he’d taken his pleasure in her. She didn’t move, she remained in place awaiting his instruction. Her ass felt used, tender, but in a very good way, he’d ridden her hard.

He’d not moved from her rear, she heard a rustle as he picked something up, then her butt plug was inserted firmly into her ass.

“That stays there till I return in the morning.” He walked into the bathroom to shower as she knelt there shocked at his words. A prior engagement meant he could not spend the night with her, indeed he’d not be returning until mid morning.

Already her ass was beginning to spasm; this was going to be the most difficult thing he’d asked of her so far.

After a quick shower he returned to the bedroom, towelling dry his body.

“But what if I need the toilet?” she asked in a panic stricken voice.
“The idea,” he informed her. “Is that what’s in there, stays in there, until tomorrow. If you do take it out I expect you to tell me. There will be consequences.”

Late for his appointment he dressed, kissed her goodbye and left.

She lay on the bed wondering what she should do, it was already 8.15 and the kitchen closed at 9. If she wanted dinner she’d have to hurry.
Cramps and small anal spasms held her in place. There was no way she could sit decorously surrounded by strangers and eat. His cum had the affect of an enema, she knew the plug would have to come out, and she’d need to take whatever punishment he saw fit.

Moving swiftly into the bathroom she removed the plug and hurriedly sat on the toilet. She felt sad she’d not managed to hold him inside her for longer.

The warm water from the shower cascaded over her body; tender areas were soothed by the gentle warmth. She’d not cum, so was still incredibly horny. It was his choice to reward her with an orgasm or not, either way she was happy that he enjoyed her.

Slipping into a skirt, bra and low cut black top she put on her shoes, grabbed her bag and room key and sauntered casually along the landing and down the stairs to dinner.

As the door closed behind her the waiter turned and smiled, “would you like dinner?” She nodded and he gestured to a corner table right beside the large, open log fire.

Orange flames licked around the shadows surrounding her, the low light of the inn comforting and seductive.

Picking up the menu she quickly eyed the selection, ordered a rib eye steak and a large Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic.

The G&T promptly arrived and she looked around at her fellow diners. There was a fair selection of interesting characters. The two couples at the table beside her discussing grandchildren and other friends. Younger people were scattered around amongst the tables, but the majority were well heeled older types.

“Another large gin please” she asked as the waiter walked by. The first had whetted her appetite and helped her feel more at ease with dining alone.

Both the gin and her meal both arrived together. She added a little more of the tonic from the bottle into the glass and then sliced into the steak, it was so tender it melted in her mouth. Every morsel on the plate tasted delicious and once empty she sat back on her seat and resumed her observations.

A man approached, bent to the pile of logs beside the fire and selected a couple to add to the red embers. She looked at the tattoos on his forearms; he was definitely different to the other customers.

“The boss is out tonight, taken his wife for a drink, so I’m looking after the fire.” His voice whilst local was less refined than the others, she smiled at him, not particularly wanting to enter into a conversation, yet she didn’t wish to appear rude either.

He returned to his place at the bar, and periodically he turned and looked at her, his expression one of curiosity. She wondered if he could have any clue what she’d spent several hours doing today. What hopefully, she’d be doing again tomorrow. Just for a moment she was tempted to go over to him and whisper in his ear, tell him what a wanton and depraved whore she was for the right man. But that man was not him.

Several gin and tonics later she stood, picked up her handbag and headed towards her room.

“Goodnight,” the tattooed man said as she passed him by.

She turned toward him and smiled broadly. “Goodnight,” she said and continued on her way.

Dark wooden stairs led to her room, she slipped the room card into the slot and turned the handle. The door clicked as it closed behind her, she stripped off her clothes and slipped under the duvet. Darkness surrounded her, her head sank into the pillow and after a few moments thought she drifted off to sleep, anxious for tomorrow, and him, to arrive.

Chapter Four – Pride and Punishment

Waking later than planned she quickly showered and dressed, grabbed her laptop and headed down to breakfast with barely a minute to spare. A large selection of fruit, cereal and pastries were laid out. She chose some of each and took a seat on the large squashy leather couch beside the smaller fire at the opposite side of the restaurant to where she’d been seated last night.

She munched happily on croissant and strawberry jam. Sweet clementines followed and the hotelier appeared before her with a jug. The smell of the freshly brewed coffee filled her nostrils, awakening her senses.

“Coffee?” he asked. She nodded and thanked him as he filled her cup. “Did you sleep well?”
“I slept like a log, thank you, the bed is really comfortable.” She sipped the dark bitter coffee, delicious and just what she needed this morning.

The hotelier left her after informing her she was welcome to more coffee if she wished. Opening her laptop she began to type as she finished breakfast, the desire to write about yesterday burned inside her and she needed to do it while still fresh.

Totally engrossed in her work she jumped as he stood right beside her, she’d not seen him walk up to her. She beamed up at him and he bent to kiss her mouth softly.

“Have you eaten? There’s coffee and help yourself to what’s on the table.

He smiled indulgently at her, “I’ll just wait while you finish, then we’ll go upstairs.”

Swiftly sipping the last of her coffee she closed her laptop, picked up her handbag and followed him as he walked through the door and led the way up the stairs to their room.
Her heart pounded, she knew she’d have to confess what had happened with the butt plug. It would be the first thing he’d check.

Once inside she swallowed hard and explained what had happened. His disappointment was obvious to her and she could’ve cried for her weakness.

He questioned her, wanting to know why she’d failed. Needing to understand what had gone wrong, and how she could do better next time.

She wasn’t afraid of what punishment he might give, but she was apprehensive, afraid this would cast a shadow over the rest of their time together.

“Get undressed and lay down on the floor, make yourself comfortable.” She looked at him questioningly.

Not wanting to compound her failure, she removed her clothes and lay face down on the floor at the bottom of the bed. His hands placed the blindfold over her eyes and fastened a collar around her neck. With nimble fingers he threaded rope through the ring on the collar, wrapped it around the leg of the bed and pulled it taut before knotting it firmly.

“You can stay there until I’m ready for you.”

She lay there, head resting on her arms listening to his movements. She expected him to pick up the tawse or whip and use it on her, so she was surprised to hear the shower running. Obviously in his haste to see her this morning he’d not had time.

Once more he stood behind her, talking to her while he dried himself. “Have you had time to reflect? You look comfortable down there.”

“I’m sorry. Perhaps if you helped me one night, I need encouragement to get through it.”

He untied her and removed the blindfold before walking around the side of the bed and laying back against the pillows.

“Come here to me.” He opened his arms to welcome her as she crawled across the bed to him. He kissed her forehead and cuddled her, then guided her head down so her mouth could suck his cock.

Already he was hard for her. It seemed he wanted her as much as she wanted him. She smiled and eagerly wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, flicking and licking the sensitive area around the eye before sliding a little further down the shaft.

His fingers entwined in her hair and he directed her, taking his pleasure the way he chose, not she.

Gradually he pushed her head further and further down, the head of his cock nudged the back of her throat more than once. She struggled not to retch too much, but each time she did he allowed her a second to recover before once more pushing her mouth down the shaft of his cock.

Eventually the inevitable happened, as his cock pushed into her throat she retched, his hand held her in place and she threw up a little.

Totally mortified because she’d thrown up over him she hurried into the bathroom returning with tissues and a damp cloth. Apologising profusely she cleaned him up, she thought he’d be annoyed, instead he was smiling and reassuring her.

“Don’t worry its ok. It proves that you were giving your all.”

After disposing of the tissues in the toilet and rinsing the cloth out, she returned and slipped back into the bed beside him. He held her tightly as she snuggled back against him.

His arms enveloped her. His hands stroked her body, brushed her nipples, her neck, her face. Soon she was trembling, her breath coming in short gasps as desire built inside her.

How quickly he could change her mood, from sorrow, to intense desire. She needed him on her, inside her, taking what was rightfully his.

After what felt like hours, but in reality must have been only minutes, his fingers began to explore her soaking wet pussy.

Very gently he stroked her clit, teasing her by stopping every time her breathing became ragged and laboured, her cries of pleasure high pitched squeals of excitement.

Sitting astride her body he held himself over her face and lowered himself enough to push his balls into her mouth to suck. The more she licked and sucked him, the more he pleasured her with his fingers.
Her body was quivering and trembling, and just at the stage she thought she’d die if she didn’t cum, he took her over the edge into the abyss.

Mouth full of his balls, her screams of pleasure were muffled. As there were people in the next room it was probably for the best. The police being called to a murder in room number 2 would take the edge off the pleasure they’d shared.

Gently yet firmly, he continued to rub her clit as she rode the waves of her orgasm. Slowly they subsided and he removed himself from her mouth.

Her pussy was soaking; the bed beneath her was drenched in her juices. Her pussy lips were swollen, the flesh almost unbearably sensitised.

Positioning himself between her legs he plunged the length of his thick cock inside her. He was so hard she felt as though he was ramming her with a steel rod. The silky skin stretched so taught you’d think it would split when touched. Over and over he pounded away, her legs high and wide to give him complete access.

She looked up into his face, watched the pleasure as he took what was his. He licked and sucked her nipples as she stroked and squeezed his. She clenched her pussy muscles to make herself tighter than ever to give him the maximum amount of pleasure and she begged him to fill her full of his cum.

Several furious thrusts later he pulled his cock from her and sprayed cum all over her breasts, rubbing it into her soft flesh as he stroked himself. She felt disappointed he’d not cum inside her, but that was more than made up for by the way he’d marked his property.

She couldn’t help but pout a little as he explained he had to leave her for a few hours, but he’d be back in plenty of time for dinner and they had the whole night together.

A small trickle of cum ran down her side from under her breast, it was cold and sticky now. Another shower was called for, she needed to pee too.

“May I be excused please? I need to pee and I think I’d better shower too.” She giggled as she pointed to all the cum rapidly drying on her body.

Kissing her softly on the forehead and then mouth he granted her permission to go to the bathroom, and followed her in. He frowned as she went to lift the toilet lid. She followed the direction his finger was pointing and climbed into the bath. It would seem her lesson on peeing for him was not over.

She clambered into the bath and turned to face him, legs apart and hands at her sides. He looked into her eyes and slipped his hand over her pussy, massaging and teasing the swollen flesh.

“Don’t hold back,” he urged. “Pee for me.”

A slow trickle of warm pee ran over his hand and down her thighs. He held his wet fingers to her mouth for her to suck them clean and as she did so he stepped up onto the side of the bath, took his cock in his hand and peed over her breasts.

The sensation wasn’t unpleasant; his pee warmed her and if she didn’t think about what it actually was, felt quite sensual too.

Having finished he presented his cock to her mouth. She looked up at him hopefully, but he was unrelenting. His cock was going into her mouth.

Sliding her lips over the head wasn’t as unpleasant as she’d feared and within seconds all she could taste was him, and that was something she loved.

Lesson over she showered and made way for him to shower too, moving into the bedroom so she wasn’t in his way.

Her mind reeled over what had happened already since her arrival, and it was far from over yet.

She watched him dress, trying hard to pay attention to what he was saying. It was difficult to concentrate on what he was saying when she could see his cock and remember how it felt inside her.

He kissed her goodbye and walked out the door. Sighing heavily she dressed and picked up her laptop, deciding to go downstairs and write some more about their time together. At least it would while away the hours, and there was time for a late lunch too.

Chapter Five – Afternoon Delight

Walking briskly across the room towards her, his eyes held hers with a look full of meaning, and need. What was it about this man? He could melt her into a warm puddle with a word, or even just a glance. Yet it wasn’t a typical romance they were having, far from it. There was a deep level of care between them, but it certainly wasn’t love as most would know it.

She stood, closed her laptop and picked up her handbag, a little more quality time before dinner was to be had. As they walked to the room he asked how she’d spent her time this afternoon. She described how she’d sat in the bar sipping cappuccino and writing about their time together. About the delicious burger she’d ordered for lunch, and how she’d missed him.

Once inside the room he instructed her to undress and as she did so he removed his own clothes, slipped under the duvet and told her to lie beside him. Climbing into bed she wriggled her body so she pressed up against him, the heat from his body warmed her inside and out. She loved these intimate moments together; it didn’t need to be sexual to feel close to him.

His hands stroked her body, held her against him. Made her feel part of him once more. She was where she belonged, with him.

She felt his cock harden and press against her rear, the urge to feel him inside grew stronger, but it was he who dictated the pace, directed and controlled both her pleasure and his own.

Like a well fitting glove her ass wrapped tightly around his cock. He’d entered her in one smooth thrust, no need for gentle persuasion. She craved him deeper and deeper inside her.

Rolling her over onto her stomach he raised himself above her, cock still deep inside her. His hand covered her mouth, his fingers pinched her nose. Now he controlled when she took a breath too.

Allowing her to breathe when he could tell she needed to, he pounded away, fucking her hard and deep. Relentlessly he took his pleasure from her, stopping only once he’d delivered another load of scorching hot cum inside her.

Taking time to come down they lay wrapped around each other. She had several more sensitive areas where he’d gripped her hard, dug his fingernails into her flesh. His nose nuzzled her neck, his tongue flicked around her ear, she squealed when he pushed his wet tongue into the ear canal. He knew she had a love hate relationship with the sensation and she fought hard not to push him away. He grinned mischievously knowing the battle going on inside her.

His mouth moved back to her neck and his teeth nipped sharply at the nape. Whenever he did this she just went limp, like a kitten being picked up by its mother by the scruff of the neck. Her muscles relaxed instantly and she felt incredibly submissive.

Time ticked by and they knew it must be time for dinner. They freshened up and dressed, walked casually down the wooden stairs to the restaurant. A little déjà vu for her as the same waiter enquired if she’d like the same table as

last night, it happened to be free. She smiled and thanked him for his thoughtfulness, her eyes glittered in the firelight, cheeks a little flushed from their exertions.

Taking the seat opposite him she picked up the menu and looked across at him questioningly. She had a feeling he was going to choose for her, something that had been discussed a few days ago, that gave him the right to decide what she ate and drank when they were together.

Order pad at the ready the waiter stood quietly beside them. He ordered for himself, beer battered haddock, shoe string fries and pureed peas, then looked across at her, an amused expression on his face.

There were several dishes on the menu she just couldn’t have eaten, so she was relieved when he ordered the duck in red wine jus for her. It was probably about her third choice on the menu, purely because she wasn’t sure she’d enjoy the curly kale and puy lentils it came with.

Food and drinks ordered, they sat talking comfortably, looking around, discussing the other diners and the inn’s ambience. She kept staring at him intently, aware she was doing it, but unable to stop herself or really understand why. It was incredibly intense and intimate, the fact there were at least a couple of dozen others around didn’t intrude on that at all.

Their drinks arrived, tall glasses filled with soda and lime for her, lemonade for him. The glasses were so cold the exposure to heat caused small drips of liquid to run slowly down the outside, the glass opaque with condensation.

She sucked the ice cold liquid through the long straw slowly, the tangy lime was refreshing, but it did nothing to cool her desire for him.

The flames of the open fire licked her flesh with warmth, the moving shadows it created around the room added intimacy to the restaurant. The hubub of conversation from the other diners and those stood drinking at the bar flowed around them.

Her eyes shone in the firelight as she looked at him intently. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t read him, his expression totally inscrutable. Every time she asked what his plans for her were, or even what else he wanted to try with her, he just smiled. His opinion being if she knew what lay in store, she’d have some scrap of control, and that was something he would not allow her.

She shivered, she was a little afraid of what might happen, but it was purely a fear of the unknown, because she trusted him more than any other Dom she’d submitted to.

Strange how she trusted him so implicitly, yet it was a blind trust. She hated the unknown, being surprised, yet this too was something she gave him and so far he’d not abused that trust. He’d promised he never would.

Their food arrived, the duck was beautifully presented, as was his fish and chips. She looked at him and waited till he started to eat then cut into one of the moist slices of duck breast. The meat melted in her mouth when she slipped it between her lips. She lifted a fork full of kale and lentils, paused and then placed them onto her tongue. The flavour was rather unusual, quite peppery, but very pleasant; it complimented the duck rather well.

After they’d both finished eating, the waitress appeared beside them.
“Would you like to see the dessert menu?”

“Yes please,” she said. “We are having a dessert aren’t we? I had the cheese last night.”

“So you’d like a dessert?” He looked her indulgently. She smiled at him and crossed her fingers he’d choose something nice for her and rambled on about the various dishes to choose from.

The waitress reappeared beside him, “would you like a dessert?” she asked.

“No, thank you,” he handed the waitress both of the menus and smiled as he looked across the table and saw her sat open mouthed. Leaning forward a little he said, “You did say I could choose for you, and I’ve chosen.”

The shock and disappointment obviously showed on her face, but she was determined not to sulk or express that disappointment, she’d given him control and she could not pick and choose when he should use it.

He excused himself and went to the toilet, she sat sipping her drink and looked around the room. The man with the tattooed arms from last night walked over from the bar and placed a log on the fire.

As he straightened up he asked, “Is that your boyfriend then?”

What could she say? He wasn’t her boyfriend, he was her Dom. She wasn’t sure she could explain it in a way this man would understand, not just in a few words anyway.

She smiled in a knowing kind of way and looked at the man. “Sort of.”

The man nodded thoughtfully, “I thought he must be something like that.” Then he turned and walked back to the bar. As he returned from the toilet the tattooed man watched him, obviously curious.

She swallowed the last of her soda and lime and sat watching as he finished the last of his lemonade. Her heart beat a little faster knowing that soon they’d be alone again and she wondered what the night had in store.

Lost in her reverie she jumped as he spoke to her, telling her he was ready to go upstairs. She grabbed her bag and stood up; she looked across to the tattooed man by the bar and smiled. If only he knew.

They replied to those who wished them a good night and walked through the door to climb the stairs. He led the way and she couldn’t take her eyes off him as his hand ran up the smooth dark wood of the banister.

She felt empty without his cock inside her. Tonight she hoped he’d fuck her long and hard enough that she could feel it for several days afterwards.

Naked together in bed, for once the lights turned off, he held her tightly to him. His hands stroked her, caressing her breasts, her pussy and all the soft flesh between.

He placed soft kisses onto her face, her neck. His fingers stroked her clit, dipped inside her, soft slurping sounds as he gently finger fucked her. She was beyond soaking.

As their arousal grew he became more intense, adding a little pain to her pleasure, the more she endured and suffered for him, the more passionate he became.

Fingers tweaked nipples, teeth nipped her neck. She begged him to play with both nipples at the same time, so he slipped an arm beneath her and pinched and rolled them while nibbling and licking her ear.

She was panting for breath now, incredibly turned on, ready for the next level.

His right hand reached over, jabbed the side of her left breast. As she gasped with the pain his mouth closed over hers tightly and he kissed her passionately. Amazingly shivers of pleasure shot through her body to her pussy, the muscles clenched and juices trickled out and down between her arse cheeks to the bed.

His knuckles jabbed at the side of her breast again and again. With each jab he kissed her, told her how he loved it when she suffered for him. She held his cock in her hand, felt it grow harder and harder as she endured. That her pain gave him pleasure was all she needed to know, it was at a level she could handle. She knew if it became too much he would stop.

His cock slid between her thighs, rubbed across the outside of her pussy and nudged her clit, soaked with her juices he pulled further back and pushed his cock into her ass.

This, this is what she needed. To feel him take what was his. She loved the sensations he created by fucking her. Her whole body tingled, her nipples were so hard they felt like bullets. She felt herself climbing and climbing the pleasure scale till she was at the edge of the plateau before orgasm, and there she stayed.

Frustrating, pleasurable, horny as hell. To be kept at that level of arousal and yet denied fulfilment. It wasn’t his doing, it was her barrier to overcome, and at some point she expected he would want to batter it down and take her beyond that limit.

She didn’t feel disappointment as he slammed another load of cum inside her, she’d enjoyed every second of it, but she would love to cum for him as he fucked her ass.

Withdrawing he lay back beside her in the bed, he spoke quietly, asked how she felt, aware he’d given her yet another new experience. Needed to know how it had affected her and that she was happy.

Her hand cupped the side of his face and she reached up to kiss him softly. Of course she was happy, she’d pleased him. If he was happy, so was she.

They slept for a few hours, his body wrapped around hers, she felt safe and cocooned from the world. Thoroughly fucked, her arse would remind her of their time together all the way home at least.

She was woken early by him, his cock already eager to be inside her. He climbed between her legs and looked down at her. She thumbed his nipples, tweaked them both gently, he loved having them played with, even pinched hard when he was fucking her.

Gripping both her ample breasts firmly he plunged his cock deep inside her pussy, she was soaking wet and welcomed him excitedly. The side of her breast was still very tender from last night, his grip sent all sorts of signals to her clit.

“You’re such a slut, you’re soaking wet already. You’re My slut.” He reinforced his ownership of her. Reminded her, although she didn’t need it, that she was his and his alone. That her pleasure was his to control.

This fuck would have to last until they could meet again, that would not be for a while. As he thrust inside her and emptied his balls he lent forward and bit her lip firmly. Sharp intense pain again shot through her, she shivered as goosebumps appeared on her body and told him how the sensation had affected her.

Having stretched their time to the last minute they rose and went into the bathroom, again he supervised her peeing in the bath before leaving her to shower. They packed their clothes and toys away, although none of the toys had even been used. She stroked the lambskin flogger as she put it away, maybe next time.

Together they walked down the stairs to reception, she checked them out and then they took a seat on the squashy leather couch. Coffee, pastries, fruit and cereal were all laid out for them to help themselves. She poured coffee for herself and he ordered a pot of tea.

She pressed up against him, leaning back so her head rested on his chest. They talked quietly about their time together and what the rest of their day entailed once they went their separate ways.

Eventually they could delay no further and gathered their belongings. The wheels on her suitcase trundled across the floor and he held the door for her to walk through. He escorted her to the car park and loaded her case into the boot, she placed her laptop beside it and closed the door.

He put his arms around her, their noses and cheeks already chilled, there’d not been a frost last night, but it was still very cold and the wind biting. Again he kissed her face softly, he made her feel treasured, wanted.

She climbed into the driving seat, set up her satnav to guide her home, fastened her seatbelt, and turned her face for one last kiss before he closed the door.

The engine hummed away as she watched him walk across the road to his own car, shoulders hunched a little against the cold. This was the worst part, and most inevitable. The only thing she ever knew for sure was that their visits had to end at some point, then she had to begin looking forward to the next.

She put the car into gear and pulled out of the car park, she had a long journey home and a lot to process in her head as she did so.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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