Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Duchally - Day Three

Today was the day to retake control, to re-establish the dynamic between my sub and I.

A lazy morning, then lunch before sending him upstairs to strip and put on his hood. I followed him up and grabbed my suitcase of toys, I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy what I planned to do, he had no idea what was coming.

I picked out a very long length of chain and wrapped it around the wrought iron headboard, put his hands into his leather mitts and padlocked them on. The chain was threaded through the D rings on the mitts and fastened into place with carabenas. Totally secure, but quick release should I need it.

His bottom was reddened by a few minutes of spanking, but I didn't want to warm him up too much, this was partly intended as a form of punishment.

A whole array of implements lay at my disposal, from sensual suede floggers to a large smoked dragon cane I'd recently aquired. Over the next couple of hours he was flogged, caned, whipped, paddled and caned some more.

Every time I changed toys I gave him a flick of the whip, asked him a question and demanded the answer. If he didnt give a satisfactory one he was whipped until he did.

One very red bottom later I changed his position so he was sitting on the edge of the bed, hands chained behind his back. Now it was time to work on his nipples.

Clover clamps came first, put on and the chain pulled, taken off and put back squeezing from a different position. Nicely tenderised now I removed the clover clamps and clipped on the weighted ones. Oh how he squirmed and begged me to take them off. I smiled and sat on the bed beside him, swinging the weights on the clamps a little to increase their effect.

Eventually I removed them and rubbed the tips with the soft pad of my fingers. I love that pleasure pain moment. That blurring of the lines between what causes pain and what gives pleasure. By now his nipples were so sore he couldn't be sure either way.

Turning him around I adjusted the chain so I could clip the mitts to thigh cuffes I'd buckled to his legs. Leather straps were wrapped around the legs at the bottom of the bed and clipped to his leather ankle cuffs. His last bit of freedom was removed by clipping his collar to the chain on the headboard.
Now he wasn't going anywhere.

I snapped on latex gloves and opened the jar of red tiger balm, scooping out a small amount I rubbed it into both nipples and the head of his penis.

Being the kind person I am of course I asked him how it felt.
"Warm Mistress, glowing in fact." He replied.
Well it would keep the chill off, it is quite snowy up here still.

I left him to stew for a while before returning to torment him some more, this time with a powerful vibrator similar to the magic wand. Poor boy, he just couldn't cum, but then I didn't want him to. Frustration is good for the soul.

The question and answer part of the session helped I feel. He knows what I expect and is in no doubt now what happens if he tries testing the boundaries again, so we shall see.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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