Monday, 14 March 2011

Duchally - Arrival

My sub and I are spending a week in Scotland, a hotel and resort near the famous Glen Eagles golf course.
We arrived yesterday evening around 6pm. What a beautiful place, the fact that snow is covering everything just adds to the view.
In the distance there are mountains commanding the skyline, the thick white snow softens their ruggedness, so they undulate across the horizon like the dips and rises of a roller coaster.
In the twilight everything shone with a luminescence, the small lamps dotted around the grounds bouncing their blue light off the pure white snow.

I parked the car in the closest space available to our lodge and climbed out of the car, the air wasn’t as chilly as I expected. The car was loaded with our luggage, two cases full of toys as play opportunities should be plentiful this week.

Tuppy says the only thing he’s left behind is the kitchen sink, looking at the size of his toy case, I think he’s right.

My sub carried everything into the lodge in a couple of trips and while he did so I explored the abode we’ll be sharing for the next seven days. A large lounge diner with a gorgeous wooden floor, complimented by tasteful rugs in warm reds. Two couches, large dining table and chairs and a well equipped kitchen beyond.

Upstairs on the right I found a large twin bedded room. I turned and opened the middle door, a medium sized bathroom with shower above the bath.

Curious how the second bedroom would look I pushed back the third door and stepped inside. A huge bed dominated the room, covered with a sumptuous fake fur throw, the thick pillows under the cover added to the promise of a good nights sleep.
If I was here with my Dom, sleep would be the last thing on my mind that’s for sure.

The other door in the room led to an ensuite bathroom, at the end of the room was bath, a large sink in the middle of the wall, a toilet in the corner and behind the door a walk in shower. Tremendous, what luxury to have a bathroom to myself like this.

We relaxed all evening, then at bedtime tuppy was put into his sleepsack and hood on his comfy single bed. I zipped him in and said goodnight.
In bed I sat and played some games on my phone, just to give him chance to get to sleep and be sure there would be no problems. I put my light out about 3am.

Around 40 minutes later I was woken by tuppy yelling my name at the top of his voice. Talk about a rude awakening, I’d been dead to the world to say the least.

I hurried into the other bedroom wondering what on earth was wrong, thankfully it was nothing serious, but he needed to be released from his bondage. The rest of the night passed without incident, but I'm tired this morning that's for sure.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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