Friday, 27 January 2012

Unlucky 13?

What an incredible night. For someone who has always had a problem with orgasms to become multi-orgasmic is a miracle I think.
He'd promised me a wonderful last night together and he certainly delivered.
I spent the afternoon giving myself enemas to ensure I was clean, then a bath. Naked, warm and relaxed I sat on the bed talking to St, who was also naked of course.
S served us pasta for supper and they had a glass of wine each. After we'd eaten I was instructed to lay on my stomach so they could begin.
A few spanks, lots of light caning and the odd whack from a paddle. A good flogging with various floggers from horsehair to suede. All helped me to relax, despite the fact quite a bit of it made me squirm and ouch. I also had a full hand print from one of the spanks S gave me.
I'm not into the pain side, it's more enduring to please my Dom, yet despite that I still get incredibly wet.
When S decided I'd had enough, he turned me over and they both began to kiss and caress me.
Having St rubbing my G spot it wasn't long before I was begging permission to cum. A short break and a repeat of the first.
Most of what happened after that is a blur, but after being fingered, bitten, kissed and stroked by both of them I exploded not just once, but twice.
The pair of them were highly amused when my screaming in ecstacy became ear splitting in intensity.
Again we took a break and all cuddled together while I recovered, but there wasn't much rest allowed before once more I was being toyed with and that's exactly how I felt, like a fuck toy for their amusement.
I think St fucked me next, but couldn't stay hard for too long, so instead he went down on me and brought me to another orgasm with tngue and fingers. My cumming made him hard again and he slipped his cock into my incredibly sensitive pussy while S kissed me and stroked me.
I begged for St to be allowed to cum, then St asked permission too and when S said it was ok he just exploded inside me. It was such a turn on I came too. Not satisfied with that though he again began to finger fuck me and I think it was now that S began to finger fuck my ass too because I know I had several anal orgasms and another G spot one about now.
S was so turned on by now that he wanted to fuck me too. He put on his cock ring and pushed inside me. I'd kept my eyes closed much of the time enjoying the sensations, but I opened them and looked at him as he began to thrust and that was it, he tipped over the edge and came.
He said the look I gave him was just too much and he couldn't control himself.
Far from being disappointed I found an incredible turn on that he was so excited because he's always so controlled when fucking me and won't always cum because he knows how much enjoy it and he likes to make me wait.
More cuddling with me in the middle, then S decided that St should perform clean up duties, a first for him to clean up after someone else apparently.
At first he was hesitant, but as soon as his tongue touched my pussy he was lost and his moans of excitement made S and I smile.
Of course I was made to cum again.........and again and just for luck, again.
In all I had at least 13 orgasms plus several anal ones. I can't begin to express how amazing that feels.
After St left S and I cuddled and kissed and he told me that smouldering look I gave him was his undoing. Hard again he fucked me and filled me with his cum again, then we snuggled down together and slept.
This morning we've said our goodbyes, he fucked me again and left me full of cum. I'm sat on his bed all packed and ready to go home.
He says he'll miss me, I know I'll miss him.
It may seem an odd thing to say considering most of my sexual pleasure was provided by St last night, under the instruction and supervision of S, but I feel I belong to S more than ever now.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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