Monday, 23 January 2012

Earth to Planet Zog

I had the most surreal experience last night. S is trying to help me to orgasm more easily, he wants me to be highly orgasmic and aroused as much as possible.
I've no objections to any of that at all, I'm horny almost all the time anyway, but achieving orgasms has never been the easiest thing to say the least.
I'm not permitted to use my Hitachi magic wand at the moment, until now that's been the only way I've achieved any sort of orgasm when masturbating for a very long time.
He lay next to me in bed just stroking my body and clit while we watched a film together. I was incredibly relaxed knowing there was no pressure, just enjoying the sensations of being touched.
After the film finished he moved down between my legs and spread my pussy wide instructing me to rub my clit with my fingers, he wanted to watch me.
At first I felt very little, it took what felt like forever to build into any sort of sensation, something I'd never bother doing for myself. Gradually I could feel myself getting wetter and more aroused and S could tell.
I could feel myself right on the brink of orgasm and I stopped, silly silly me, I know by now if I stop when at that stage I'll never cum.
All I'd wanted was to moisten my fingers to make it more pleasurable, but in that moment I felt all was lost.
Before I could express my frustration his gentle voice instructed me to begin again, to keep going because I was going to cum and he wanted to see it.
Amazingly when I did begin to rub my clit again my orgasm did begin to build again and I could also feel my head getting very floaty and spacey.
I don't know how long it was before I begged permission to cum, time seemed to lose all meaning, but I know I'd barely finished asking before he granted it. S knows I always wait until the very last moment to ask, something he intends to have fun with when my orgasms are more easily achievable.
He held my pussy wide and his face literally a couple of inches away watching me cum, all the time remarking how gorgeous it was to watch, how fantastic I am etc etc.
The orgasm rolled on and on and my head just totally left the planet. I was so spaced out I was incoherent and it took him a little while to realise that I'd arrived on planet Zog.
Hugs, kisses, strokes and talking softly to me until I was a little more with it, able to talk and describe my experience.
What a lovely gorgeous man he is, pushing me, stretching me physically and mentally, showing me care and affection. He accepts my limitations and yet I know he will and is challenging them to improve my life and therefore give him more of what he wants from me.
He's at work today and I'm waiting for him to come home, we've a whole week together and quite a lot to fit in, but the best part is just spending time with S.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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