Monday, 16 January 2012

Fairy Luscious

Last night was just gorgeous, S came to meet St and I at the fetish market after party. I spent the afternoon wandering amongst the crowd talking to people I know, meeting a few I knew from online but had not met before too.
It was the annual fashion show yesterday, so a lot of people had made a fantastic effort to look absolutely stunning.
I had a couple of hours after the end of the market before S arrived and was very happy that St arrived at the party early.
I'd discussed Topping him a few days before as he's quite a masochist and I thought he'd be someone to help get my confidence back to play, I was right.
I did some nipple play on him while we just sat and chatted, a friend of his joined in but she's a sub with a sadistic streak and just seems to enjoy inflicting lots of pain and not caring about the results, I just don't understand that. She used a pinwheel on his nipple so hard she made him bleed and then tried to say she'd not done it.
Thankfully I'd done almost as much nipple play as I'd wanted to anyway, so after a cuddle and a chat I asked him to lay across some stools. I couldn't go and use the superb equipment there as S had now arrived and asked me to look after his coat and wallet for a while.
I used some nice gentle floggers to get S warmed up and his bottom was nicely red I moved onto my canes. I've not caned anyone properly in well over a year and even that was only briefly not a full play session.
He was totally away with the fairies by the time I got my heavy tawse out, I gave him 6 nicely spaced out strokes from it and then stopped.
Some gorgeous cane weals but no broken skin and I'd totally loved it.
S arrived back at the table as I was sitting cuddling St.
A full on kiss from him almost blew my mind as I was in a lovely headspace from the play. I excused myself and went to the toilet, even I was amazed at how soaking I was down there, it was like someone had emptied a bottle of lube over me lol.
Of course I had to tell S when I got back to the table, so he thought it amusing to tease me about whether I'd end up in his bed being ravished or not. I didn't think there'd be much chance of me not being and I was right lol.
Once back at his place we stripped and were in bed very quickly, he held my hair and kissed me. He told me how much he'd enjoyed me playing with St and how proud he was of me that I've found that headspace again. He also told me he loved the fact it had turned me on so much and as a reward I'd get to cum.
I was kissed, stroked, pinched, bitten, fingered and fucked. I came quite easily once, but despite S continuing to play with me and keeping me on the edge for what felt like forever, I didn't cum again. I was definitely off in lala land though and there's a few minutes I've no clue about.
I do remember in a very slurry voice telling him I loved him and his reply of "awwww, I love you too."
So a few hours afterwards of sleeping snuggled up together before he went to work and now I'm waiting till he gets home so he can ravish me again.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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