Sunday, 22 January 2012

Electrically Orgasmic

I'm staying with S for a week and after work on Friday I drove over 100 miles to be with him. It was late when I arrived and I was instructed to strip and get into bed with him.
It felt fabulous being held and stroked by him as we talked about our day and how lovely to be together again.
Soft kisses from him across my back and shoulders, a reassurance that he was just relaxing me and knew I'd be tired so didn't expect sex. I soon changed his mind on that one. I wanted to feel that intense connection again and didn't take long before he was fucking me incredibly slowly and erotically. I almost came several times from that alone, which would've been a first.
After about 3 hours or more of sensual play he gave me a lovely orgasm and we curled up to sleep together sometime around 4am.
Next morning he waited for me to wake up and then again fucked me nice and slowly, getting me highly aroused and keeping me there for what felt like forever before making me cum.
Even afterwards while we got ready to visit a friend he was making sure I was still aroused, I guessed this was because he'd planned for us to play with her and probably with me on the receiving end, hence him keeping me horny.
I've flirted with J for the last few weeks and think we could have a lot of fun, especially as she's drooling over my new horse hair flogger.
Sadly as her Dom couldn't be there, he didn't want us to play without him, so that's all on hold for now. I'm interested to see how it will pan out though.
Last night we were so late back from socialising with J though we didn't go out to the club event we'd planned and stayed home to play instead. My upper body was pallet wrapped, I was blindfolded and tied to the bed on my back with legs spread wide.
I was flogged, pegged, bitten, licked, sucked, slapped and an electrical probe inserted first vaginally and then anally with an inflatable dildo in my pussy.
Talk about hugely turned on, there were so many sensations going on my mind was just blown most of the time. I had the most amazing orgasm, yet again lol and then after he fucked me and filled me with cum we slept snuggled up.
I'm here for a week, looking forward to the adventure ahead.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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