Saturday, 12 November 2011

Open For Blogging Once More

I've thought long and hard about this for the last few days and decided to re-open my diary again.
I closed it to public viewing because someone I know shared the link with others.
Perhaps that doesn't make sense as a reason to some, but I've always kept this is as my private space to think aloud. As many who blog do they put their thoughts out there hoping for perhaps feedback but it's generally an anonymous thing.
I tried explaining this thought process to a friend, but she didn't get it at all, for her the fact it's out there in the public domain means it's a free for all and I shouldn't feel aggrieved because others that know me have been given the link and able to read some of my innermost thoughts.
I've only ever given the website address to a couple of people who know me, even my Doms never had it, I emailed any entries to them. It just feels different when it's people who know me reading it.
The friendship has been spoiled by several things, it's not just one event and my reaction was to close the door to the world by closing the diary to readers.
I've weighed everything up and on balance I get more positives by sharing my thoughts and emotions with those who visit here regularly and those just passing through, than the negative of worrying that people who know who I am will read it and share the contents of my diary with yet more of my friends.
My hope is that should anyone I do know in real life stumble across this diary be understanding that this is my random thought process, me thinking out loud and just letting what's in my head stumble out because it helps me make sense of it.
I think in all but one entry everything I've written has been about me or the person I've been involved with.
It's not about others, it's about me,my life and my journey through it, which is what it says on the description. If anyone doesn't approve of or like what's written here that's not my problem.
So for now and hopefully for the long term I'm back.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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