Wednesday, 16 November 2011

When Is A Dom Not Really A Dom?

Ahh I'm tired of the drivel from some people, the lies and pretence. Yet another "Dom" approached me today through one of my profiles and once he got me into conversation confessed that he enjoys bottoming and is not really a Dom.
For so many this seems to be only about the play or the sex, or both. For me that devalues what this lifestyle is about. And it seems they'll say just about anything to get it.
I do have occasional play sessions with subs I've befriended, I love to give them new experiences. I ask nothing in return, I get my buzz purely from their enjoyment.
There is an honesty about such sessions, we both know where the edges are, but it's not something I make a habit of and I need to know the person well and be friends a while before I'll consider it.
There are a couple of glimmers of hope for what I want, where they will lead I don't know, perhaps more dead ends.
Someone I've known for about 12 years has recently come back into my life, there's a possibility that we may become more than friends. He's not lifestyle, but he is most definitely dominant in many ways and I doubt it would take much persuasion to build on that and encourage his dominance.
We'll see what happens.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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