Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A BJ A Day Keeps The Doldrums At Bay 29th May 2006

I've much to write about this particular friend M, this was not our only adventure, and there is a part 2 to this particular day, I'll post it tomorrow.
It was M who let me explore My Domme side first, and it was I who recognised M was submissive, before he realised it himself.

Today I met an old friend who needed cheering up, we met for a drink in a lovely country pub I know for an afternoon drink, we sat outside at a table and talked for an hour or so over a couple of drinks.
I've always found M attractive in an almost Cary Grant kind of way, he's a perfect gentleman, intelligent and thoughtful with just a few Chocolate Sprinkles to make him interesting.
I never can help myself when we meet, I find myself feeling a little shy but still wanting to flirt with him because I know he loves the fact I'm so sexual.
We decided to take a drive and see if we could find somewhere for a little fun in the car, (not the first time I've played al fresco by any means).
The place we found had several cars parked up, people enjoying a walk in the countryside on this lovely Sunday afternoon. I parked over in a corner away from most and switched off the engine on my car.
Turning to M I smiled and licked my lips in anticipation, I knew I was wet already at the thought of wrapping my lips around him and tasting him.
M told me he wasn't wearing anything under his trousers and had shaved that morning especially for us meeting, I could hardly wait to see how smooth he felt, especially as I'd shaved this morning too and wasn't wearing any knickers so he could have easy access to finger me.
After a few kisses and me slipping my hand inside his trousers I whispered to M that I'd brought a toy with me and why didn't we have a little fun....should have seen his face when I put a 7 inch smooth, gold vibrator into his hand and asked him to slip it inside me and turn it on.
I spread my legs and leaned back in the seat so M could push the vibrator deep inside me, I then closed my legs and squirmed around a little to maximise the effect. I was soaking wet by then and M was rock hard and desperate for me to take him in my mouth. Bending over I took hold of his shaft and licked the head of his cock slowly before sliding my wet lips down to the bottom of his cock.
"I'd forgotten how soft your mouth feels" said M, "You've no idea how good that is". Hmm think I do M I'm the one giving it remember? hehe
Wasn't long before he spurted into my mouth, one thing about M he really does taste rather nice.
There was a huge sigh of pleasure and then M lifted my face up to kiss me deeply to say thankyou.
Sadly I didn't cum myself, but that didn't matter, I put a smile on the face of a really nice guy who needed cheering up.
I took M back to his car and then left to go visit another friend, male again but a purely platonic friendship, (yes I do have some). On the way I decided to park up and speak to Master, what happened then I'll write about in part 2 of todays diary.......

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."DanesWood

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