Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Afternoon Delight

Ok I had lunch yesterday with a potential Dom, very nice guy, married, looking for a playmate as his wife is vanilla.
We spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting and eating, he kissed me on the cheek, asked to see me again, and left for his business appointment.
I spent some time mulling over his request on my way home, didn't come to a decision either way. He's quite happy to meet for lunch or a drink next time too, or even as many times as I need to feel comfortable; if that's what I want.

Today I had lunch with someone in a similar situation, except he's happily married, just doesn't think it possible to get everything he needs from one person for ever, and I have to agree with him in many ways, finding a person who can be all things at all times for ever and ever is extremely unlikely.
He's not looking for a one off, has no intentions of it interfering with what he has, and I see no problem with that. What! You all cry, how can that be? Where are your morals? They're right here thank you very much. Look at it this way, if it wasn't me then there'd probably be someone else, and at least I know I'd never do anything to mess things up for him, and I like him.
Pub lunch was very nice and then he took me for a drive, some lovely scenery around there, and a good view out to sea. We parked up, chatted for a minute, and he asked me what I was thinking.........."I'm wondering if you're going to kiss me".
I looked up at him shyly, he undid his seat belt and leaned across, "I don't need asking twice" he said.
There's something about a kiss that tells you a lot about a person, it's also a good indication of what they're like as a lover. Nick is a good kisser.
Was only a couple of minutes before he asked me what was on my mind, I wanted him to take me to bed, so he started the car and whisked me off back to his place in less time than it takes to put on lipstick.

Back at his place I still felt completely at ease, not once all afternoon had I felt uncomfortable. Nick has this way of just easing the way, soothing all your nerves seemingly without effort. Truly an Alpha male, without arrogance, just comes naturally to him to take charge of situations.

In the bedroom we kissed, he undressed me then undressed himself. Usually I'm quite self conscious when naked in front of someone for the first time, but not now.
I sat on the bed and took him in my mouth, Nick isn't huge, but he's far from small. A lovely suckable, fuckable cock, he tasted good too.
Persuaded that it would be much more enjoyable for him to lay back on the bed with me between his legs Nick closed his eyes. I wrapped my mouth around him and savoured him, breathing deeply through my nose while licking and sucking the head and shaft of his cock, enjoying the expression change on his face as different sensations rippled through him.

A few minutes of being orally pleasured and he asked me to lay beside him, his fingers find my clit and slipping in and out of me, my pussy wet and juicy.
Slowly building speed Nick rubbed my clit bringing me to the edge of orgasm a few times, kissing me, sucking my nipple, but I just couldn't tip over the edge.
For me that first time letting go is always difficult, a mental block. So I slipped a hand down and took over rubbing my clit, I was determined to cum for him. Laying there looking up into his eyes, the intent expression on his face, fingers teasing my nipples, murmuring words of encouragement to me, it wasn't too long before I came. Not a massive orgasm, but big enough to give some wonderful aftershocks and make me yell out. I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked, enjoying the way i tasted and kissed him.

Moving over me Nick lifted my legs and in one smooth stroke, thrust inside my sopping pussy, heaven. This was the first cock inside my pussy in over a year and I'd almost forgotten how good that feels.
Long slow thrusts, me rubbing his nipples and watching his face, again he stared intently into my eyes, like he could see right inside me.
I knew he was cumming, not by any noises or short fast strokes, his eyes crossed and this slow smile spread across his face........wonderful for me to see him pleased.

Real life kicked in pretty quickly, a need for us to dress and him take me back to my car, a kiss and Nick ensuring I could find my way home again (told you he's a nice guy), and we went our separate ways.
I had some lovely thoughts driving home. I see us being good friends, and playing occasionally, although I've a feeling next time may not be so vanilla.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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