Sunday, 21 October 2007

Room Service

Well today was rather strange, went to meet someone I've been talking to for a few weeks online and over the phone.
He's in my area for a few days and was keen for us to meet, his visit is for business, so was always going to be difficult to slot in some time together but we both thought it worth the effort. Last night was out as he was tied up with a welcome dinner, so I went to his hotel this morning, basically just to say hello.

I walked through the door and he lay in bed waiting for me, we kissed to say hello and he asked me to take off my skirt and top revealing my purple satin and black lace underwear.
I felt myself blush as he asked me to sit on the bed beside him to talk, his voice soothing as he spoke trying to relax me.
Knowing we didn't have long together he was keen I demonstrate how good I am with my mouth and removed his underwear revealing a lovely erection, the skin smooth and brown, begging to be sucked.

While he lay back with eyes closed a smile on his face I paid homage to his cock, licking and sucking delicately, wishing we had longer together. With a gentle sigh he came and I swallowed, not allowing a drop to escape.
Time whizzed by and I knew I had to leave, I had work and he had a meeting to attend, with a kiss and a promise of trying to meet tonight after I finish shift, we parted.

The lift ride down to the foyer was interesting, after a couple of stops I was left with myself and 3 men in the lift, I couldn't help myself, the thought passed through my mind.
What if the lift got stuck, me alone in a lift with 3 good looking men Hmmm!! I had to verbalise the thought.....
"Me and 3 men alone in a lift", I said, "I hope it doesn't get stuck."

The tallest of the men smiled and said in a lovely Irish accent, "It'll be your lucky day if it does."

All 4 of us grinned and I'm sure as many dirty thoughts ran through their minds as did mine. It was a bit of an anti climax when the lift glided to a halt and we all stepped out.

I've spent all day thinking about this morning, what did he think of me, will he really want to see me again, more to the point do I want to see him some more?
It's so hard to read people when you don't know them too well, I left the hotel very unsure of where we go from here.
We've a week of opportunity between our hectic schedules to see what happens anyway, so we shall see.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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