Wednesday, 12 September 2007

I lost my Fetish Party Virginity

I've met a man, a truly Dominant male, someone secure in the knowledge of who and what he is, and for all he'd probably try and deny it he's actually quite a sensual man.

There were concerns I had, he doesn't kiss, well not long passionate ones anyway, and that's something that is important to me. The fact he doesn't go down on women is something I enjoy yes, but it's not the end of life as we know it. Showing care and affection for someone you're involved sexually with though, that's vital, and in truth wasn't sure he could do that. There are so many other things in his favour there's no way I'd not give him a chance to prove himself, so last Sunday we travelled to Bristol together to visit a fetish market and attend the after party, both firsts for me.

To say I was nervous was an understatement, I couldn't even eat before setting off to meet him, a first for me, but once he was next to me I relaxed a fair bit, his presence enough.

It's a long drive down the M5 to Bristol, not sure what he thought of my chatter and choice of music, but he was very good about me being the one to drive, not easy to give up even that control I know, but I'm a terrible passenger.

Finding the place wasn't too hard, The Mandrake Club, as Chris says always look for the smokers outside anywhere lol. We knew we'd got the right place, a guy in powder blue jodphurs, black riding boots and skin tight, bright pink polo neck shirt, assorted others in black, and a short motherly looking figure wearing a badge saying Mistress Anita. Yep this was it.

Walking into the humid, dim and low ceiling building my eyes were everywhere, I didn't want to miss a thing. I'm here to look and learn, and intend to make the most of it. Chris is an excellent escort and companion, making sure I wasn't overwhelmed by the sights I see, the selection of various fetishes represented by those their. For once I feel I fit in, although not outwardly so, denim skirt and black t-shirt aren't exactly fetish wear.

The market itself was relatively small, mostly floggers and clothing, although there was a stall selling beautifully crafted silver jewellery. I looked longingly at the nipple jewellery in particular, I'm so curious about having mine pierced, and looking at Chris' face there's no doubt he'd encourage me to do so.

After some time touching and lusting after some of the toys there, my nerves beginning to calm down, we decided to go find a room, and head back to the party later.

We walked into the room, the only thing on my mind a shower, I was hot, sticky and decidely uncomfortable after the club, seems he had other things on his mind sooner had the door closed behind him I was ordered to strip, and despite my protestations no shower allowed till he said so.

I see why he did it, took me by surprise, didn't give time for my nerves to come back, which if he'd waited they would have. Plus it really showed me my place, what better way to illustrate it.

First I was given a few light flicks with the single tail whip, I was late picking him up, I guess he doesn't like being kept waiting (memo to self; get your arse into gear wench and be there on time next time). Yes lesson learned, err till the next time I'm late.

Instructed to stand with my back towards him, Chris took a pair of floggers to me, light sensual strokes, enough to wake the skin and relax me. Something about this level of flogging that gives an almost hypnotic effect, but only on my back.

The trembling caused by a combination of nerves and excitement eased, I relaxed into the sensation of leather against skin, I'd missed this. Sadly it wasn't to continue, Chris wanted me awake, alive, responsive, time for the next stage.

Things become a blur for a while after this, I know I was on my knees, leaning on the bed, blindfold, then instructed to lay on the floor face up. Hot wax was poured over my nipples, an intense sensation I've not experienced before and would certainly explore more with him.

I was turned onto my stomach, my vibrator inserted into my pussy, a smooth, gold 7 inch one, and turned on. Chris spread my ass cheeks and slid inside me, fuck that was intense, he's not exactly on the small side that's for sure, and this was my first chance to gauge any indication of how big he was, I'd not seen him naked. Oh and contrary to what he thinks, I don't crotch watch either, at least not consciously.

Having him whisper in my ear all the things we could do together, what he could and would do to me, such a turn on. Whispering is so erotic, not talking dirty necessarily, that in itself does nothing for me, but explicit descriptions of fantasies and desires, that's a different story.

Is being fucked anally a submissive act? In some ways I guess, it is quite symbolic of his Domination over me, but I've always found it pleasurable too, so I don't see any losers here that's for sure.

I didn't cum, nor did he, or if he did nothing was said, we played a while, i was flogged and whipped, only lightly, my pain tolerance is very low at the moment, he barely marked the skin. I chose carefully the one I trusted to submit to, someone with patience and skill. There are those out there with no regard for the submissive, who carry on regardless of safe words being used, Chris is not nor ever could be one of those.

Time was getting on, we showered and dressed to go back to the party, if I wasn't in submissive mindset when there earlier, I was now, I felt marked, branded by him as his alone. I was sure everyone would know, not that it mattered or that I cared, it was an erotic thought actually.

Back to the party, Chris looked fabulous in leather kilt and long leather coat, the look only slightly spoiled because he'd forgotten his boots, so had to wear his trainers. I wore black skirt, black skirt and top, black 4 inch heels, nothing particularly fetish wear about it, but I think I looked reasonable.

There was just about every fetish represented there I think, all shapes, sizes and ages, I hope I didn't stare too much, but I was fascinated and wanted to take it all in. I stuck close to Chris, not that I need worry, but I needed the reassurance of him being close by, within touching distance most of the time.

The demonstrations going on in the back room caught his attention, and Chris led me through. A woman tied to an A frame, her Dom spanking and flogging her bottom slowly, methodically, bringing her up level by level. It was obvious they knew each other extremely well, he knew exactly when to raise the game to the next level. At the end I spoke with her briefly, expressing my admiration for the level of pain she'd taken without uttering a sound. She assured me she'd loved it, been high as a kite on endorphines. Will I ever achieve that state? I'm not sure, but if I allow Chris free reign and total submission I know he'll do his best to get me there, and enjoy doing so.

One thing caught our eye, a young man showing his friend how to use a flogger he'd bought, on a young girl they obviously knew a little but not that well. What disappointed me is that the man didn't use either the flogger or his own cane correctly or caringly on his subject, and was most definitely not a good example to his friend. The other Dominants in the room were watching, waiting to step in if things went too far, thankfully he stopped and left, the girl dressed and came to sit near us to put her boots back on.
Chris spoke to her briefly, telling her how brave she was allowing someone she wasn't familiar with loose on her, although under controlled circumstances. I thought that was a lovely thing to do, letting her know someone was aware of what she'd done, that someone was looking out for her if needed.

Everyone was wonderfully friendly, we had a good laugh, and definitely somewhere I'd go back to, if only it wasn't such a distance.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped off for a bite to eat, I felt so comfortable with him, walking hand in hand down the streets, barefoot towards the end, 4 inch heels aren't good for walking a distance in. There were no stolen kisses, no whispered words, did it matter? No. I felt wanted and special.

Once back in our room I stripped to underwear, was whipped and flogged again, this time harder. A large hairbrush used to paddle my ass, more than a few ouches that's for sure, but Chris stopping everytime he recognised I'd hit my present limit.

He wanted me to cum, to watch my orgasm, learn the way I show my arousal and the signs to watch for so he can take control of it. The first time with someone is always difficult for me, to relax and let go in front of them, allow that loss of self control. Nothing I did seemed to get me close, yet I was incredibly aroused, the more desperate I got the further away from release I felt.

Chris put the clover clamps back onto my nipples, they were tender from our earlier play. I begged him to take them off, he refused, coaxing me through the initial pain, focusing my mind on the pleasurable sensations from my clit until eventually I came. Not a huge screaming orgasm, but an orgasm none the less, I broke through that mental wall.

Without giving me time to come down I was told to turn over, my ass cheeks spread and his hard cock thrust inside me. I wasn't quite relaxed enough, it wasn't that I resisted, more that I had that inner struggle to not submit and give over control to him.

I asked for a few seconds to relax, to adjust to the penetration, this wasn't given, Chris spoke soothingly to me telling me to accept him inside me, thrusting rhythmically in and out of my ass. He'd asserted his Domination of me in a much more obvious way this time, it was my mind resisting more than anything, he knew that.

Before I knew it he'd withdrawn, I'd been so lost I didn't even realise he'd cum, I went to the bathroom to clean up, took a little time to myself. Chris probably thought me strange the amount of time I spent in there, but it's always been the one place I can think away from everyone.

There was a bit of panic, what had I allowed to happen to me, there was also a fair bit of I want more. If there was to be a next time, and I wasn't sure there would be, I knew my limits would be stretched.

We slept, well I did, his arm around me, I snored, whoopsie I forgot to mention that, sorry Chris, he watched tv until exhaustion won. There was no awkwardness next morning, I felt a sense of something shared, but he's such a closed book, gives nothing away, I still didn't know if I'd disappointed him or not.

The long drive home was fairly uneventful, me boring the pants off him with my choice of cd, but he's a gentleman and put up with my inane chatter and didn't complain once. Into Birmingham and pulled up outside the railway station, we got out to unload his luggage from the boot, I didn't know what to expect or what might be said, probably something along the lines of "it's been nice, see you around".

He put his arms around me and I looked shyly up at him, he held me a couple of minutes talking to me, couldn't tell you what was said though, then a kiss on the cheek and "talk later", he was gone.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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