Friday, 29 June 2012

Sensory Overload

I had a fabulous time last night and so did St.

We'd arranged to meet at a club that's halfway between us, a good place to meet midweek when we usually have work the next day.
What St didn't know is that I'd got something planned for him, if the right people were there and thankfully they were :-)

We relaxed on comfy bench seating and chatted to people we knew, then I re-positioned us both so he was sat between my legs with his back to me.
I kissed his head, ears and neck while stroking his chest and nipples. Using finger and thumb on both hands I gently squeezed both of his nipples, kissing him and whispering into his ear of all the lovely things I could do to him and that we can do together.

His moans and squirming body told me I was pressing all the right buttons, so I swapped my fingers for clover clamps on his nipples and added a pinwheel to roll over his chest, sides and arms.

My hand over his mouth and nose to control his breathing sent him even deeper. It was only a birthday cake being brought to the table next to us for a friend that brought him out of it and we paused in our playtime.

I ate a piece of cake and St sat grinning happily next to me, chatting to those sat around us MW and ib being two of them. A drink and more chat, then I decided we should go and play properly as our favourite bench was free.

St carried my toys through and then went to the loo. While he was away I laid out the toys I planned to use and a few I knew I wouldn’t be.

 On his return he got himself comfy. I slipped a blindfold over his head and started to warm him up with my gorgeous lambskin flogger. I flicked and stroked, teased and tickled before changing to a whippier toy that I have. Some gentle flicks, some harder whacks and I decided it was time to carry out my plan. I stepped away a little and gestured to my friend ib that I was ready for her and then resumed flogging St.

A few seconds later I was joined by my two co-conspirators ib and K I handed them both a pinwheel and asked them to roll it all over him. I swapped my whippy flogger for a couple of canes and began to tap his bottom lightly.

I couldn’t help but giggle as St groaned loudly as he felt both pinwheels running down his back at the same time and me twilting on his bottom with the cane.
In no time at all he was a quivering space cadet. I love it when he’s in that state. 

The ladies did a fantastic job with the pinwheels and stroking him with fingers. He loves that combination of sensations in play and it always has a fabulous effect on him. As he was having such a good time I increased the intensity with the cane, first time I’ve used it so hard on him. Damn it felt good, long time since I’ve been able to cane someone like that. He was a groaning, moaning, quivering wreck, total sensory overload.

When I decided he’d had enough I thanked the ladies for their help and stood stroking talking to him while he came down. I love this time too as he’s just so loveable, not that he isn’t all the time, just especially so when he’s a space cadet like this.

In the time we were alone I had a few attempts at trying to make him cum with breathplay and suggestion. It worked last time we were at this event and it was incredibly erotic knowing I'd made him orgasm and nobody knew but the two of us. Although a couple of people may have wondered why he kept adjusting his squidgy jock strap afterwards. He was too distracted I think this time, so in the end I gave up, but we were both incredibly horny and when he comes here on Saturday I think he'll be ripping my clothes off before he's even inside the door.

Most people had left by the time we went to sit down again, so smiley cuddle time, making the most of every minute before we went home. AV came to chat for a minutes, commented how lovely it is to see us so loved up and then it was time to go home.

Another fantastic evening with St. It's a smallish event, but that makes it a rather intimate evening. Everyone is friendly and there’s always lots of play. Now I just have to wait until Saturday to reap what I’ve sown last night ;-)

Just in case anyone wasn’t sure………I love my man J

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing." 

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