Thursday, 14 April 2011

Symbols Of Ownership

Are they necessary in a long term D/s relationship?
Does either party feel any different for the giving or receiving of a collar or any other symbol of commitment/ownership? I'm sure everyone has different feelings about it.
I remember the night I had a Turian collar locked around my neck by WM. It's the only collar I've accepted and even though it was my choice to ask for release, it was a heart breaking moment when he unlocked it.
With Mark/Sophia he knelt naked before me and I locked the collar around his neck. His emotions were running so high he fainted. For him that collar meant so much and was something he drew much strength from.
Both of these events were very private, just the two of us and our feelings. Did we feel differently afterwards? I think so.
As a collared sub I felt cherished and special. I belonged.
With Mark/Sophia it was a way of feeling permanently connected, she wore the collar and I wore the key. Even now I struggle to accept that I was not permitted to remove her collar when she died.
There's no right time for these things either. My first sub was with me for 18 months and was never given a full collar. Mark I collared within 2 weeks of meeting and never for one moment regretted it.
Many D/s couples have been together a long time without any such symbol of commitment, be a tattoo or a collar. I'm also sure they mean different things to different people, of greater or lesser importance.
Does not being collared indicate less of a commitment? Not necessarily. I don't enter any relationship thinking it'll do for now. I'm in for the long haul with or without a collar.
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