Friday, 30 November 2007

Meet The Parent Time

Yesterday I spent the whole day with Him, I had an instruction regarding how our time together would begin. Upon arrival we would kiss and say hello, I was then to go into the lounge, remove my knickers and my skirt and sit with legs spread open on the couch awaiting the insertion of a catheter.

This done we sat and kissed while He stroked and petted me, talking the whole time. It's strange, but as soon as he touches me I feel all my stresses fade away and I feel totally relaxed, his fingers touch my pussy lightly, checking for moisture and discovering I'm already soaking wet. I loved the feeling of him taking possession of my body the moment I arrived.

We went into the kitchen to make some breakfast (me still naked from the waist down), while putting things together He came to stand behind me, His hard cock pressing against my ass.

His hand pushed me forward so I'm bent over the worktop, my legs are spread and He slid his hard thick cock into my pussy, thrusting in and out slowly until with a low grunt and a gasp he jerked his way to orgasm inside me.

There was a certain sense of being taken, it was urgent and erotic and even though I didn't cum I derived a lot of satisfaction from providing Him with pleasure, especially licking and sucking every last drop from the head of his cock after he withdrew.

A few minutes later the bacon sandwiches were ready and we munched happily while drinking coffee and grinning at each other like idiots, kisses and cuddles are so important as part of the bonding process, as much as the intimate act of penetration. I just love everything about being with Him, I feel quite giddy at times.

Upstairs our usual morning ritual (or at least it's fast becoming so), we showered together and I shaved Him and soaped his body, He suspects I enjoy it, and I have to admit He's right, it's a small act of servitude, but it please Him and thus pleases me.

Dry once more and I lay on the bed, He knelt beside me to inspect the catheter inside me, there was a moment He joked about wishing He had a ring hidden under the bed, and a hypothetical question. Maybe it was a glimpse into the future, but it actually felt like a distinct possibility, maybe even more than that as I caught my breath and kick started my heart again.

As we'd planned to go visit His Mother so I could be introduced we had only a limited amount of time to play, but wow did we make the most of it. He fucked me and came inside me 3 times, not sure which orgasm was the most intense for me. When He took me anally there was some reflex resistance from me which swiftly faded away and He slid inside me, that moment where it's painful but I know where in a second that will disappear and it becomes totally pleasurable and for the first time in wow I don't know how many years I came from penetrative sex alone when he later fucked my pussy, I didn't even touch my clit, it just seemed to come from nowhere, and not sure who was the most surprised, Him or me.

We'd talked for a few days about Him testing my limits, discovering where my tolerance currently is for pain, it's not something I was looking forward to by any means, but it was also something I knew had to be done for us to progress. The first thing He showed me was a small tennis racquet like toy that when a button is pressed on the side emits a small electric shock. He's used this on one of my nipples once before and didn't I just yelp, it's not the pain exactly, but the sensation that I didn't like at all, and despite me wanting to allow him to choose what he wanted to do to me and my body I just couldn't let Him use it on me. Yes I was disappointed in myself, but even so I know He learned something about me from my reaction, and that seemed to be enough, at least for now.

Eventually we headed off to His Mothers, during the drive we went through my check list, discussing various points and asking each other questions, establishing where our play made take us next, what possibilities He has to change things around in the future. Not sure there were any big surprises on my part, but it was definitely an interesting exercise, especially if it's repeated in a few months time, wonder where my tastes and tolerances will be by then?

His Mother was like a small bird, a fragile and elderly lady waiting for us to put in an appearance at her home, but I'd been prepared already by Him and made aware that no matter how fragile she appeared her mind is sharp as a knife and she's quite sprightly for her age.
I was terrified of meeting her, He is very close to her, and although I knew it would not change his wanting to be with me or how he feels about me, it was still important that she likes me.

I'm naturally very shy at first, and clung to Him as much as possible, and Him knowing what I'm like allowed it, and made it as obvious as he could that he was right there for me at every step. Like any Mother though as long as I made her son happy I'd a fair idea I'd be at least tolerated, possibly even liked, as luck would have it though she told Him she thinks I'm "smashing". Thank you Mrs P.

The drive back home was slightly eventful, I'm not into humiliation and as I'm shy I find it very difficult to ask to find someone's bathroom, especially in this instance as I was meeting His Mother for the first time ever, so as soon as He discovered this (by me opening mouth before engaging brain obviously) He instructed me to pee by the side of the road in a place of His choice. Phew was I glad when he pointed out the truckers parked up in the lay-by had their curtains closed on the cab and couldn't see me, then all that remained was the drive back to His place and a prolonged and painful good bye.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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