Monday, 18 June 2007

The Devious Dastardly Device (And Other Restraints)

Well what a fabulous day Saturday was, my pet was in her element, a Dom to help teach me the delights of rope bondage and allow my pet to test some steel restraints he's made.

How my pet loved that she couldn't wriggle at all, and every time she was able to move more than slightly he added an extra element, but let me start from the beginning.

C and I met at an arranged location so we would arrive at pets house together, she's nervous of being alone with a man, and this was her first meeting with him, although they've spoken on the telephone several times. We discussed what we planned to do and I explained what limits I placed on him touching her, I had no concerns he would overstep these boundaries, his main purpose for joining us was purely research and development of his restraints. Once he'd shown me his bag of tricks we headed over to pets house.

Her initial shyness over we sat chatting around the kitchen table over coffee with pet, we needed to be sure she was happy to play with C there and have him restrain her, she assured us both she was, her shy smile couldn't disguise her excitement at the prospect of what lay ahead.

I sent pet upstairs to strip and wait for us on the bed, she practically ran up the steep stairs to her bedroom, it was quite funny how eager she was, very sweet too.

We followed her up a minute later, pet sat naked and waiting, I lay all my toys out on the desk, showing C the ones I know pet likes most, and those she doesn't. C left his holdall outside the room, ready for later use just bringing some bondage rope in with him.

I'm sure the fact that pet was naked and were both clothed added an element of vulnerability for her. A large part of Domination is the mind play with the submissive, especially with pet I find. Telling her I'm going to do something to her and describing it in detail seems to have a very similar effect to actually doing it, her imagination takes her into the zone. Throughout the whole scene I talk to her, suggesting things I could do or will do, perhaps pack both her pussy and ass with ice, or fit the nipple clamps to her labia. Both these things have pet squirming and begging me not to do them, yet her obvious excitement tells me the opposite.

First C had pet lay on her stomach, using ropes he tied her ankles and wrists, then bent her legs up to make the hog tie, showing me each stage and carefully explaining what to look for to ensure my pet was safe, good circulation is important, I don't want her bruised unnecessarily either.

How lovely to have her in a position I can move her around, yet she can't resist too much, a great start to the afternoon.

Next came the 30 inch spreader bar, I fitted leather, buckle fasten cuffs to pets ankles and C used rope through the D rings to fix them to the spreader bar. Of course this now meant pet couldn't close her legs, something she's been craving since our first session together. The beauty of restraining her legs this way is I have total access, yet it's comfortable enough to leave on for as long as i like, it also allowed me to move her into different positions, legs in the air laying on her back, or kneeling and laying forward.

I slid the blindfold over pets eyes, she loves that, it allows her to enter her own sub space, concentrate entirely on the physical sensations of what's happening to her. On went the Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps, a few tugs on the chain to demonstrate how nicely they grip for C, he'd never seen them before. Clover clamps are very intense and it's important not to leave them on for too long, always take special care of your submissive, because they've placed their trust in you and it's your duty not to betray that.

I picked up pets vibrator and turned it on, holding against her clit, rubbing it up and down her pussy, with my other hand i rolled the wartenberg wheel over the pussy lips, nipples and stomach.

Wasn't too long before pet had her first orgasm of the day, takes a lot of play to get her there, but once she cums there's no stopping her, she cums like a train squirting juices everywhere. C watched in amazement as she had orgasm after orgasm for about 30 minutes or more. So much pussy juice came out of her she soaked through the towel, quilt and through to the mattress, what a turn on.

Eventually I decided to call a halt, before her reservoir ran totally dry, there was no sign of her stopping by herself, we allowed her to rest a couple of minutes then C brought out his Dastardly Devious Device, or DDD for short.

The DDD is a solid central bar with rigid wrist cuffs at the front, and a T bar 2/3 of the way down for the submissive to lean over, positioning them in such a way their bottom half is exposed and the front stretched forward to the cuffs, bringing the head down to the floor or whatever surface the DDD is resting on. Ropes were used to attach pet to the DDD by the knees with the thigh spreader bar attached to the DDD, as this wasn't enough for pet we also attached the 30 inch leg spreader to her ankles again.
She couldn't help herself though, pet had to demonstrate she could wriggle more than C was willing to allow, to stop this we fitted the ball gag and attached a rope from the strap down pets back and down between the cheeks of her bottom and tied the rope to the rigid T bar.

This left with a dilemma, leaning back was uncomfortable and awkward, but leaning forward pulled the rope tight pressing it against her clit, again uncomfortable, yet still she had to demonstrate the amount of movement left to her by kicking her legs up below the knee, C took immediate action, using ropes to tie her ankles and the spreader bar to the bed, preventing all movement.
For a few minutes i flicked her pussy with my flogger, just enough to sting a little, the moment C gauged she'd had enough and was time to release her we went to work releasing pet as quickly as possible. This is also crucial, your submissive needs to know you care, that you don't just push on past that point where it becomes abuse and about your needs not theirs.

Once released pet gave me a huge hug and looked shyly at C, I kissed her and stroked her gently, telling her how proud I was and asking how she'd felt about it all, there were a few giggles when C asked her about wriggling so she'd be restrained even more severely.
Overall 5 hours of play, learning and fun, then it was back to C's house where we drank a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin and ate takeaway and relaxed talking about the session.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."


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