Sunday, 13 July 2008

Summer Holiday

Well 2 and a bit weeks off work to get into mischief, did I succeed? Umm yes is the answer.

I met someone for lunch on Monday, he'd approached me as a Dominant person some weeks ago, we'd talked online and wasn't long before I discovered a few of his buttons.
Isn't it amazing how when you throw a few scenarios out into the open just to see what happens, how the tables can turn. His profile said he was a switch, but I have to say I couldn't see any Dom to his personality at all.

A pleasant lunch, fun having him squirming through our conversation thinking about being my tongue towel. He's a postman, and me describing how I answer my door to accept a parcel delivery sometimes wearing nothing but a huge white fluffy robe had him adjusting himself several times and has apparently featured in a few of his fantasies since then.

Tuesday was lunch with a guy visiting from Ireland for a couple of days, we met at a local bar and had a lovely afternoon discussing every subject under the sun just about. Took him for a drive, showed him some of the fabulous scenery and then back to his hotel.
I knew I'd get a kiss from him, now it wasn't unpleasant, but I certainly didn't feel any spark, so I politely declined his invitation to go up to his room.

2 men, 2 days and 2 damp squibs, but I can't complain as both were really nice guys and people I intend staying friends with.

On to Wednesday then and a trip to the south, a difference this time as the guy I was going to stay with is a Dom, very into spanking and other physical play.

Loved the drive down, once off the motorway the countryside was gorgeous, I'd forgotten how beautiful England can be. I arrived at his small but fairly new house and smiled as I thought of the 2 days ahead, good company, gorgeous scenery and hopeful lots of play. A shame it didn't live up to it's promise.

I walked in the door and almost turned and walked back out again, the place was beyond untidy, it was filthy.

I'd driven all this way and stubborn as I am wouldn't just walk out, besides it would've been very rude of me, so I decided to see how it went.

A hug hello and me being shy (yes I know, but it does happen), and then he took me upstairs. As instructed by him I didn't have any knickers on and literally he pushed me onto the bed and started working on my clit.
Over the next few hours I was spanked, flogged, paddled and fucked, oh and there was a glass butt plug put to good use. If only he'd been able to put me into the submissive frame of mind instead of me just laying there and tolerating it, a huge difference mentally and just not enjoyable.

Now I've submitted to sadists and the pain they've had me endure hasn't been pleasurable, yet I got a great deal of satisfaction from it, this wasn't the same at all.

It was obvious he has no clue how to use a flogger or paddle, all he did was hit with it. He didn't appear open to any constructive criticism at all and after observing how he handled the toys I had allowed him to try out on me I did something I'd punish a submissive for, I hid my nipple clamps so he couldn't use them.

Why did I do it? Well for one I gave him a demonstration how to put them on me and when he tried he messed it up, he'd not listened to my advice at all. Not wanting to risk having my nipples damaged I decided to put them away not let him use them on me.
Yes the submissive part of me feels bad for doing so, the Dominant part of my brain says I did the right thing. I was taught by my first Master, if you don't know how to use an implement have someone who does teach you. That advice has stuck with me, and if he wasn't prepared to accept the lesson offered he wasn't entitled to expect me to submit to them.

In the 24 hours I spent there I was repeatedly fucked in all 3 holes as he saw fit, he didn't cum, just used them, that's the closest I've felt to being a piece of meat and I didn't like it at all; it's totally alien to me, so I left and went to visit a submissive guy I've played with before

To be continued.

"The most powerful sexual organ in the body is our brain, open your mind and allow your fantasies free reign, mutual pleasure between consenting adults is a wonderful thing."

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